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Artist Spotlight: Jhené Aiko

Photography by Jessa N.

In early September, Jhené Aiko released her album Souled Out, which debuted at number three on the US Billboard 200. The 25 year-old singer and songwriter has quickly caught the eye of fellow R&B artists and the world with her angelic voice and enticing lyrics. In the past, Aiko has been featured in popular songs like Beware with Big Sean and From Time with Drake. Her song The Worst (2013) has over 39 million YouTube views and her new album shows that she has even more talent than she has demonstrated in the past.

Aiko’s voice is easily recognizable, as she is known for her smooth, soft tones. Some say she is the female equivalent to Frank Ocean in terms of her voice and style. Aiko writes most of her own songs. She says, “After each song I’ve lost like a piece of me, because I’ve put it in to sing the song.” This passion is easily recognizable in both her records and performances.

In Souled Out, Aiko is having conversations with a loved one about his wrongdoings. It is obvious that this album was extremely personal to Aiko. The songs on the album aren’t meant to be played at clubs but are meant for people going through tough relationships. Limbo Limbo Limbo, WAYS, and Spotless Mind all let listeners into Aiko’s mind and express how she is truly feeling.

Jhené Aiko invested a lot of time and energy in her new album; it is truly a piece of her. During the writing and recording process, Aiko took her time and exclaims that she did not want “to put out some nonsense.” Souled Out is a piece of art, which is worth the 49 minutes and 17 seconds of your time.

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