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Clubs Fair 2014: A Cornucopia of Clubs

A view of Clubs Fair. Photography by Polly Lockman

College Prep’s annual Clubs Fair took place last Wednesday, September 24. In the morning, excitement ran high as more and more clubs set up their tables. Finally, it was lunch, and students streamed out of class in a rush. The music lawn overflowed with people, posters, and of course, free food, a CPS favorite.

This year, Prep has an abundance of clubs, new and old. Many club leaders were inspired to start their clubs in order to create a place for students with similar beliefs, passions or interests to come together. Dana Zhu (’16), leader of FISH, College Prep’s Christian club, stated, “I’ve been a Christian all my life and wanted to get to know more Christians and grow spiritually (and academically) alongside them.” Many clubs were created to raise awareness of issues currently facing us and include the community in discussion of these issues. Two new clubs, the Peace and Justice club and the Feminist Union fall under this category. Allie Naganuma (’16) says of her newly created club, “Peace and Justice club is meant to raise awareness about the issues in the world around us and to create opportunities for students to make a difference!” Ariana Cervantes (’15), leader of Feminist Union, started her club because as she says, “I’ve felt for a while that there is a lack of feminist voice on campus. While our campus is generally very open to discussion, many times issues of feminism are not directly addressed (for taboo reasons, or general unawareness). FU is a safe space for students to question current events and connect with others, while reaching out and educating the community at large.”Of course, all clubs are open to anyone who wants to join.

Photography by Lena Milton

Some clubs are of a less serious nature, and are simply an opportunity for students to have fun! The Games Club is dedicated to providing “every CPS student…with a time in their week when they can laugh and have fun while still engaging their brains,” as Jack Rosenberg (’17) declares. Other recreational clubs include Dungeons and Dragons Club, the new Ping-Pong Club, and the all-encompassing Happy Club. Happy Club is dedicated to de-stressing students with activities such as “playing games such as taboo, doing laughing yoga, going on walks, playing with bubbles, and other fun things,” as co-founder Kessa Andrews (’15) explains.

French Club leaders offer cookies in exchange for signing up! Photography by Lena Milton

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