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CPS Soccer Knocked out of NCS

CPS Men’s Soccer Loses to Calistoga in PK’s in the Second Round of NCS

Friday, Berkeley -

The CPS Men’s varsity soccer team took an early exit from NCS on Friday, when they lost to Calistoga in penalty kicks. The game was scoreless through regulation, with CPS’s offense failing to score on numerous opportunities, and their defense locking things down all game. In a 10 minute overtime, CPS was within inches of scoring, with Noah Oh’s shot hitting off the crossbar, however, they were once again not able to convert. CPS eventually lost the match in penalty kicks, which are a rare occurrence in high school soccer, due to some missed shots. It was a really tough note to end the season on, as CPS had outplayed Calistoga the entire game, however, they were never able to put the ball in the back of the net.

Avi Paulson is the sports editor for the College Prep Radar. You can reach him at


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