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Humans of CPS: Daniel H.

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Daniel H., Junior — Interview Conducted by Pearl Werbach

Friday, October 14, 2022: It’s rally day of spirit week. I wait beneath the Scott tree for my interviewee to arrive. Right on time, Daniel Hirji walks up, decked out in blue like the other juniors. I greet him and click record. "Welcome, Daniel." The interview has begun...

Pearl: Hi, Daniel.

Daniel: Hey, Pearl.

(collective laughter)

Pearl: What is your favorite place in the world?

Daniel: Um, I would probably say—I would probably say Japan. I really like Japan. Um, I went there once about 3 or 4 years ago—first time going—and it was just amazing. It’s so clean, and they’ve come a long way, just super modern. It’s really cool seeing all the technological advancements that they’ve made.

Pearl: Yeah, I’ve always wanted to go. So, what’s one thing that not many people know about you?

Daniel: When I open my mouth, my lower jaw pops out of its socket.

Pearl: (While laughing) What?

Daniel: I know it’s really random, but I don’t know how many other people can do that. Like, when I open my mouth, it comes out part way, and when I close my mouth, it pops back in, and my jaw can actually close.

Pearl: That’s cool. Party trick?

Daniel: (laughing) I don’t know, it’s just like a random thing that I can do.

Pearl: Did you ever have any funny moments on Zoom?

Daniel: Um? I wouldn’t say it’s a particular moment, but doing acting class over zoom was pretty fun. It was both fun and also like a challenge because trying to act over zoom is like, you know, pretty hard when you have to deal with which way you’re facing on the screen.

Pearl: Mhm.

Daniel: But I enjoyed it. A lot.

Pearl: That’s great. Okay, so did you have a favorite moment of summer?

Daniel: (to himself) Over the summer… I went to Morocco. First time being there, too. It’s very different. Obviously, I was expecting it to be different, but like, the sheer scale of it was just incredible. And trying to cross these busy intersections that don’t have traffic lights or crosswalks was—that was something. You basically start walking and pray to every deity you know of that a car won’t hit you. And hey, I’m still here so…clearly worked.

Pearl: Sounds like a blast.

Daniel: It was pretty fun actually.

Pearl: What’s been your favorite spirit dress-up or activity?

Daniel: Probably zorb soccer. Just watching people go flying. I don’t know. It’s just, like, something about zorb soccer and the ability to crash into people at full speed and not worry about them getting hurt. Uh, it just seems so fun. I’m really regretting not signing up for it now.

Pearl: Well, you have next year. And, oh, well, next spirit week, this year.

Daniel: Yeah, hopefully, they do it again.

Pearl: Definitely. Okay, thank you so much, Daniel.

Daniel: Thanks.


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