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Humans of CPS: Talia L.

Talia Levi, Senior - Interview Conducted by Araddhya Tibrewall

Friday, November 12: It’s noon. The sun is shining directly overhead, and students are eating lunch and chattering away as we make our way to a semi-shady spot on the gym deck. As I begin the year’s eighth interview, I click record. “Welcome, Talia.” The interview has begun…

Araddhya: What’s the most interesting gift you’ve received?

Talia: That’s a good question. The first thing that came to mind was probably when I was kindergarten or elementary school age from the tooth fairy (I know, from my parents), but from the tooth fairy. I woke up with a sketchbook—a mini notebook—in the morning that had a cover made of newspaper and a little felt bird on it, and it was really cool to me because a lot of my friends just got a dollar bill. But this was really interesting and memorable because I love drawing and my parents always give me sketchbooks—that was a really special gift.

Araddhya: What’s a decision you’ve made that you regret?

Talia: I can’t think of anything that I regret. I know there’s probably a lot of things, but I feel like everything has worked out in the way it should even though there are things that I do regret that’ll come to me later.

Araddhya: What’s your favorite television show?

Talia: I really like “New Girl.” I’ve watched it a couple of times. New Girl’s really funny because I love Jess and Winston—Winston’s my favorite character…Oh, I also love “Stranger Things.” I’m very excited for the new season—it’s such a good show.

Araddhya: Who is a person you look up to, not in terms of profession, but in terms of values and personality?

Talia: I really look up to my sister. She’s three years older than me and in college right now. I’ve always been inspired by her. She has always introduced me to new music and shows and ideas. I think she’s a really smart person. We’re very different—she’s more into humanities and that type of study, but she definitely inspired me. She used to help me with homework and is always willing to help others.

Araddhya: I hear you dance. How did you get started, and how has it impacted you?

Talia: So I used to do gymnastics when I was little. But it’s pretty demanding, and I had a wrist injury that made it so I couldn’t keep going with it. So I quit—in elementary school, I had a short gymnastics career. But I wanted to continue doing something, and dance was the next step for me. I started at this place called Shawl Anderson, and I started with jazz because one of my favorite aspects of gymnastics is the dance aspect. So I started with jazz, and also started taking ballet later on in middle school, and then coming to College Prep, I was very excited for the dance program here. Even though it’s pretty different from the styles I’ve done, I really like learning new styles because every one of them is so different, like modern vs. jazz or ballet. I also feel like it’s such a cool community: the dance community here at CPS. I’m also very excited for the dance show this year because this is my third year at College Prep, but since I didn’t do it freshman year, we haven’t had any dance shows due to COVID. So this will be my first year. And it’s such a nice community, where everyone’s really open, always wanting to work together to get better, and looking out for each other.

Araddhya: If you could choose one object or intangible thing from the present to persist into the future, what would it be?

Talia: I think the friendships I have right now… I really want them to continue into the future. And that’s something my friends and I have been thinking about. We’re not really ready to leave College Prep because we won’t be able to see each other (as much!) anymore. So friendship, I think, is something I always want to have as a big part of my life.

Araddhya: Now, as for my favorite part of the interview, here’s a series of quick questions. You’ll be given two things. Indicate your preference.

Wood or metal? Wood. It’s more natural and makes me think of trees and nature, which I like better than metal.

Hiking or biking? Biking.

Celsius or Fahrenheit or if you like to be scientific, Kelvin? Fahrenheit, just because that’s the way my mind works—I’ve grown up with it.

Conflict epidemiology or botany? Botany. That’s something that I want to learn more about.


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