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Letter From The Editors (2020-2021)

Vladimir Lenin, not someone we’d usually quote, once observed that there are “decades where nothing happens and weeks where decades happen.” This year, needless to say, has had a lot of weeks in which decades have transpired; a global pandemic has upended every element of our lives, we have faced a reckoning with race and police brutality in our country, and one of the most consequential elections in American history looms only weeks away.

In these uncertain and chaotic times, we at College Prep are incredibly fortunate to be part of a community abundant in insight, talent, and passion. The Radar, our student newspaper, is a place for you to share your passion and perspective. If you have something to share (and we know you do!), we want to publish it! Every student voice matters in the national conversation, prompted by the coronavirus pandemic and the recent protests against racial injustice, about how to build a “more perfect union.” We hope that we can make yours heard in The Radar. In the past few months, our articles have ranged from a debate over fracking to a riveting history of an under-appreciated root vegetable. Whether you submit an opinion piece, an art submission, or something completely different, we look forward to hearing from you this year!

Amy Z. and Max B., Editors in Chief

Dahlia P. and Kalia L., Managing Editors


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