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Locker Tips!

As a Senior, I have gained a lot of knowledge about CPS. This knowledge includes topics like:

  1. Math

  2. Some capitals and stuff

  3. Writing

  4. Assorted sciences

  5. Locker Tips

So let’s talk about the last bit: What are the best tips I can give someone who’s looking to get into lockers? Well, let’s find out!

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 10.01.39 PM

source:http:// static3.echalk. net/

TIP #1: Store things in your locker

This is the most obvious tips, but I included it for all of you beginners. Often, I am asked, “Eli, what should I do with my locker?” I respond, “Put things in it, you silly goose!”

TIP #2: Don’t store too many things in your locker

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 10.00.41 PM

source:http://www2. prevention /list_images/ overload.gif

People often forget this, but lockers occupy a finite space. They only go so far back, are only so far wide, and are only so tall. This means that you can’t put just anything in your locker. For example, a full sized firetruck would not fit in your locker. Remember, this isn’t your fault. Lockers are designed this way, so as to keep people from living in them, or storing massive pianos.

Also, you can’t put too many of one thing in your locker. For example, you can store 3 books in your locker just fine. Yessir, it’s easy! But, you can’t fit too many books! Depending on the size of the book, around 80 books is too many books.

TIP #3: Don’t host parties in your locker

This tip is very similar to tip #2. Because lockers can’t hold everything (see above if confused), they likely won’t be able to hold dozens of your friends plus refreshments, and some kind of music source. This applies not only to your locker, but any locker. If you want to throw a party, I might suggest a different venue. Check the school handbook for suggestions on how to throw a party.

TIP #4: Name your locker

Mine is named “Eli’s Locker.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 10.02.43 PM

source: /kcM/KkL/kcMKkLxoi.gif

TIP #5: Remember to open your locker before using it

Here’s a neat tip about lockers: they have doors! This is to prevent random things from falling in and out of your locker. Sounds like a win-win! However, if there’s anything we’ve learned in this article, it’s that you can’t win ‘em all. Doors also keep you from getting into your locker right away: you first have to open it. Remember this one, so you don’t hurt your hand.

TIP #6: Don’t commit arson

This tip is really more of an “anywhere” type tip, but it especially applies to you when you are using your locker. Remember: safety is caring.


Lockers are called lockers because, you guessed it, of the creator of the locker, Dr. John F Locketonr. Just follow these six easy tips, and you’ll be a locker expert in no time.

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