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Malaya & Gemma Advice #1

I’m a senior and I like a sophomore. Is it weird for me to ask them out?

We understand how you can feel different sorts of pressures, maybe even from some  of your closest friends. While sometimes it’s great to take risks and put yourself out there, we think you should determine if the sophomore likes you back. Are you two friends? How could this change that friendship?

A lot of my friends have dated and broken up with people and it gets awkward because of how the small the school is. So, I made up a rule that I WOULD NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES date a fellow CPS student…. BUT NOW I like someone, what do I do?

There’s always a risk of awkwardness when dating someone from your school, especially at a school the size of CPS. But you shouldn’t let the fear of awkwardness keep you from dating someone really special. High school is basically 4 years of trial and error, so you might as well put yourself out there!

I’m a sophomore and I have a younger sibling who often asks me to play when I have homework,  and every time I say “no” to her I worry that she’ll view me as absent from her life. How do I balance my homework load while still spending time with her?

We both have younger sisters so we can really relate with you on this. Homework is super important, but so is your family time. Try to maximize the time you spend with your sibling. At CPS, many students make homework and studying their only priorities and forget about building relationships with those closest to them. It’s really good that you’re realizing the distance you may feel and want to be there for your sister. There are a few things you can do. You can dedicate a portion of time during the week to spending time with your sister. Just as you would prioritize a tv show you like to watch every Tuesday, you can get your work done early to play with your sister for an hour that night.

Dear Malaya and Gemma,

I have a dilemma: I’m a freshman and I’m starting to see all the upperclassmen with “CPS” in their instagram bios, is it weird for me to request to follow them?

Not at all! Especially since instagram now has the feature to see mutual followers, so the upperclassmen won’t think you’re just some rando trying to follow them. Go ahead and follow us ;))) @malalaj and @gemma_null

Dear Malaya and Gemma,

I sit with the same lunch group every day and I have a great time with them. Lately, I’ve been wanting to branch out and sit with new people during lunch, but I’m worried that this will offend my current lunch group. Do I talk to them about it?

Situations like this can be tricky. You can always bring your current lunch group with you to sit with new people, or you can just tell your lunch group that you’re sitting with some new people and they’re welcome to join. If you want to meet some new people, we highly recommend going to a club meeting during lunch or going to a Common Classroom that you wouldn’t normally choose. There are several ways to branch out at CPS, and you should take advantage of them. Don’t limit yourself to only one “friend group.”

I’m a freshman, and through classes and sports have made a really great group of friends and I’m really happy. So far, we haven’t hung out outside of school and I’m scared to be the first one to initiate it.

Just ask! If you have a really great group of friends then they’ll definitely want to hang out. Make sure to have fun in your freshmen year and don’t be afraid to  ask your friends if they want to hang out outside of school.

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