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Overheard @ CPS

Some things are just too good not to be shared. To quote the insightful Lauren C (‘17), “CPS is an interesting place, and because it’s an interesting place, there are interesting people. Interesting people lead to interesting quotes.” Below, I’ve shared the best things I’ve heard around and about our lovely campus in these past couple of weeks.

  1. “Do you want me to go cut down a tree?”

  2. “I went to Dorris Eaton, so we’re a little more promiscuous.”

  3. “Your body is a canvas.”

  4. “He’s probably so good at Instagram captions.”

  5. “We aren’t going to win, but maybe we can tie.

  6. “How do you get hungry really fast?”

  7. “Don’t say that out loud.”

  8. “A roly poly gave birth in my hands once.”

  9. “Steve Jobs did not die for you to do that.”

  10. “Jacob Sartorius just has such a positive message. Sometimes it really is just a hit or miss, you know?”

  11. “I wanna see them fight!”

  12. “You want romance at College Prep? We can’t even get good wifi!”

  13. “Is anyone else tired of this conversation?”

  14. “My tongue tripped.”

  15. “They get rid of vowels and that’s hip.”

As a result of an overall rewarding experience, Bridget O, Isla S and I, Julie D, will be starting a regular ‘Overheard @ CPS’ column. Keep talking, kids!

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