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Radar Diner Dash: Bakesale Betty’s

Welcome to our first installation of the Radar Diner Dash, brought to you by Jessica H. and Zoe M., with special guest Grace B. This series will focus on lunch spots accessible to CPS students during our lunch period. Need somewhere to go to eat and hang out during lunch or our new 75-minute blocks but don’t know where? These articles are for you––the two (sometimes three) of us will help with your lunchtime runs. We’ll look at four things: the difficulty of getting the lunch, the total time it takes, the taste of the food, and the cost of our meals. We’re here to sacrifice our money and good records with some teachers, all in the name of science.

The first stop of our series was the famous, oft-visited chicken haven, Bakesale Betty’s. Full disclosure, our visit to Bakesale Betty’s happened last year during the more cramped schedule, so we were very much on the clock. Jessica and I ran down from our classes right as the bell went off and impatiently waited for Grace in the car. We had just popped the parking brake to ditch Grace for slowing down the gravy train when she hopped in the back (in all fairness, she arrived less than a minute after we did). We got on 24 and turned left at the Telegraph exit, parking an unnecessary distance away because we saw a spot and swooped it.

The chicken deities smiled upon us that day, and we rolled up to a zero-person line (this is just our experience, though)!

The modest menu is comprised of a buttermilk fried chicken sandwich or salad, served with coleslaw and jalapenos, along with chips and myriad beverages. For dessert, you can get some cookies or pie.

We all got sandwiches and Jessica indulged on a gingersnap cookie (fellas, it’s her favorite).

Our Thoughts

Grace: It’s pretty good; the buns are so fluffy and nice.

Jessica: The coleslaw is pretty mild, there’s a lot of cilantro, and the chicken has a lot of spice. Zoe: Jalapenos give it a nice kick, but the chicken didn’t really come through (aside from texture). The whole sandwich had a good crunch, though.

***NOTE: Grace found a hair in her food***

J: I wish the coleslaw was a little more acidic.

G: There’s spice in both the chicken breading and in the jalapenos, and like Jessica said, the coleslaw could be a little more tangy, but the jalapenos are a start.

Z: I could do with a little lime, salt, aioli. It could use a little more moisture.

J: Maybe more mayonnaise.

G: I hate mayonnaise.

Z: After eating, there’s a little bit of spice that stays in your mouth.


Jessica’s Cookie Review

J: The cookie has good flavor and good texture. It’s a little more crispy than I would have liked, but compared to the molasses ginger cookie at Peet’s, it has a spicier flavor.

Z and J: It’s a good palate cleanser.

G: I’ve had ones from here before and they weren’t crispy––they were soft, and were really good

J: They’re not extremely fresh, but still worth it.

Concluding Review

Difficulty rating: 1 out of 5 – nearby, easy parking, fast service.


Sandwich: $8.25 each

Sandwich + Cookie: $10.53 total

Total rating:

G: 3.8/5

J: 3.5/5

Z: 3/5

Time Spent: 18:12 until food, 40:12 total (take note: we booked it there and back, so you have to move with purpose)

Conclusion: It’s great for a quick fix or if you’re hankering for some chicken, but not worth it if you’re going there for a sublime culinary experience. A little hefty on the price tag for what it is. If you’re running low on time, get a sandwich to go and eat it alone, by yourself, in class.

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