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Science Bowl Update

 On Saturday, March 7, your CPS Science Bowl team, Hanako, Andrew, Jiaqi, and Julian, traveled to Las Positas College in Livermore to participate in the Regional Competition. Each year, more than twenty high school teams in the East Bay participate in this Regional Science Bowl Competition. Regional winners advance to Washington D.C. for the National Science Bowl Competition, one of the nation’s most prestigious science contests. Participants buzz in on questions of biology, chemistry, physics, math, earth and space, and energy to score points in a format similar to quiz bowl. The Science Bowl competition presents an opportunity to gain and test scientific knowledge as well as practice successful teamwork. 

We won two rounds, and it came down to the wire in two others. Only in the last round of prelims, against Del Norte from San Diego, were we unable to finish it off our strong headway. The competition was an amazing experience, well worth the year’s worth of preparation. In addition, there was pizza and baby Yoda (this year’s theme) T-shirts free of charge. Established in September of 2019, our CPS science bowl team lived its first year, with only four members, 75% of whom were underclassmen. That’s pretty impressive considering the situation! Come join us next year in the CPS SciBowl team! We’ll be getting better and better results with more participation and experience, and in the next few years, who is to say we can’t reach nationals? 


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