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Senior Regrets


What do last year’s seniors regret most about their high school experiences? What would they do differently? What’s their advice for the rest of us? Below are the responses from the Class of 2017:

“I wished I’d relaxed more…especially during junior and senior year with all the college stuff. You get sucked into the vortex and it feels like everything’s such a big deal, and it’s really not. Don’t get sucked into the vortex.”

“Drop fake people. And don’t date boys at CPS because there are literally 30 of them and you’re going to run into all of them every day. You do not want that moment when you walk into the LC and all the boys you’ve dated are just sitting there…like are you having a meeting about me?”

“I regret not being into enough stuff. I was too awkward to be enthusiastic.”

“I regret not telling this girl how much I like her.”

“I wish I had started journaling and recording memories. And I wish I’d tried to find more things to do without spending money. Oh, and once you get money, spend that as soon as it comes in.”

“I think I would care a little more about school, but also about the people around me.  Also, I regret being friends with people just to be friends with them. You should surround yourself with people who support you and who you actually enjoy.”

“I regret not pausing and really taking in the moments, as cheesy as that sounds. I let work absorb me. And like…as freshmen, why were we freaking out?”

“I wish I would have transferred to Berkeley High, probably. Actually, that’s not true. Actually, that is true. I don’t know. I’m a very conflicted person. Probably should have just left.”

“I regret not taking Calculus senior year. I was discouraged because I got a bad grade in math junior year, but it would have been so helpful to have Calc for college, and I think I’m in a better place this year to deal with math. I really wish I had taken it.”

“I wish I’d started doing drama when I first came to College Prep, rather than starting in my junior year. I didn’t think drama was for me…and I only actually got into it by accident, through digital video. But then I realized how much I liked it and now it’s my favorite activity here. I wish I had done it earlier.”

“I regret not focusing on my social life in the beginning. I focused on school and not on myself. Now that I’m a senior, I’ve made sure to actually do stuff this year. Before, I would just spend my weekends by myself, all sad and lonely and studying. Live life! School matters, but it isn’t everything.”

“I wish I’d taken more slacker classes. It’s hitting me hard this semester.”

“I wish I had started partying at a younger age. Kidding! I wish I’d made the effort to take more spontaneous trips, like going to new locations and trying new stuff.”

“I regret coming to CPS…haha no, I regret not branching out more. I’ve basically devoted my life to tech, so I do too many tech things. I should learn how to say no. It consumes so much of my time, and focusing solely on one thing isn’t good. I wish I’d done more community stuff, or tried to get a job.”

“I regret getting injured.”

“I regret coming to College Prep.”

“I probably most regret choosing academics over friends.”

“I wish I’d known that sophomore grades aren’t as important as I thought they were. Junior grades are the ones that’ll kill you.”

“I was on cross country, but I quit because I had trouble balancing sports with homework. I wish I’d stuck with it, because everyone on the team’s so nice. It’s one of those community teams where everyone is so friendly. Even though I’m crap they were really nice to me.”

“I regret not getting more involved in student stuff, like clubs and sports and intramural and STEM. Actually, I wouldn’t do sports cause sports suck, but I wish I had gotten more involved instead of avoiding human interaction at all possible moments.”

“To be frank, one of my regrets is that I took French, because it’s WAY harder here: it’s always been my worst grade, and if I had taken Spanish I could have like a 3.9 GPA. French just messed me up.”

“I regret not prioritizing friends and family over schoolwork…like on a homework-free weekend, I should have taken hikes with my friends or done something with my family, rather than trying to get ahead on the next week’s work.”

“I regret spending so much time worrying about school, even when I wasn’t doing school work. It’s silly to spend your free time worrying about school. And I wish I’d known earlier that the standards I hold myself to are my own standards, not necessarily the ones of my community.”

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