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Seniors of CPS: Cate S.

Cate S, senior — interview conducted by Angela Wang

Thursday, March 23rd, 2023, 11:54: I’m sitting cross-legged on the ground near the student commons. Cate approaches me and sits down in front of me. I click record. “Welcome, Cate.” The interview has begun…

Angela: All right. There's only one song to play every time you walk into a room for the rest of your life. What song would it be?

Cate: I have to go with "Good as Hell." I feel like that's just such a power song. I don't know. Or Karma. I'll stick with "Good as Hell."

Angela: Karma by Taylor Swift? I love that song. Alright, what is something unique about you that your classmates might not know?

Cate: My go-to is always that I can wiggle on my ears. But I want a different answer. Hmm… what else? I've never been to McDonald's. Never even stepped foot, not even like the drive-thru.

Angela: Good for you, Cate. *laughs* Looking back at your experience at CPS, what is something you'll never forget?

Cate: I'll never forget spirit weeks and rallies. My friends at drama tech weeks and dinners with the cast.

Angela: Oh, gosh, that sounds fun. Yeah, would you guys go?

Cate: We have it here on campus just in the courtyard. But this year we actually had it here, but yeah, we normally have like Italian, Chinese, Cactus, and one other, but this year we had Thai and Vik's as well, instead of Chinese, so that was very exciting actually. But it's just fun. It's like such a good bonding time. And we're like at school for six hours.

Angela: What are you looking forward to in the future?

Cate: I'm looking forward to just enjoying this last semester and being with friends. And I'm excited to meet new people in college, to just explore new things I'm interested in.

Angela: Where's your college located? Is it like in California or something?

Cate: I’ll be attending Northwestern, which is in Evanston, near Chicago.

Angela: That's a nice town!

Cate: Yes. It's gonna be cold. That's gonna be really cool. Everyone's warning me, I mean.

Angela: You won't have to worry about safety at least at Evanson. So that's really good. If you can check thank you to one room and CPS, which one would it be?

Cate: I mean, I already talked about the drama auditorium for sure. But also, Scott 12 I just feel like I've had a lot of good classes in there. I had Asian worlds with Miss Gumbert, English with Dr. Witt, Black history with Johanna, all in Scott 12.

Angela: All right. Our last question is, what do you feel like you've accomplished? You say inside of CPS or outside of CPS, most people say something about their personal growth. It's a pretty big question.

Cate: What have I accomplished? Hmm…I think I've gone to try new things, and I've made friends that I like being with, and I have learned about myself. I think I'm more confident.

Angela: What did you learn about yourself?

Cate: I think I just know the kinds of things I like to do more. I think I've had to prioritize how I spend my time, less time management, but more like productivity, being able to choose between multiple things I really enjoy.

Angela: I mean, you’ll have more time in college. You can do whatever you want.

Cate: Yeah. It's gonna be great.

Angela: Well, good talking to you, Cate!

Cate: Thanks Angela!


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