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Seniors of CPS: Noah B.

Interview conducted by Samana S.

Friday, October 6th, 2:58 pm. It’s a warm afternoon. The weekend is so close you can feel it in the air, see it in the way students amble along, content to relax and ignore all their schoolwork until Sunday night. All my efforts to set up a meeting with Noah had proved futile, but, quite shockingly, I find him in the Student Commons. The ambush interview begins shortly after.

Samana: Okay. First question. What's something that you're passionate about?

Noah: I mean, I'm passionate about a lot of things, but… I'm passionate- wait is this like, recording me?

Samana: (laughs) Yeah.

Noah: I'm passionate about sports. So I play baseball. And I have in the past played football also, but we don't have a football team, so… But I do love playing sports and kind of the camaraderie that it brings to people and-

(Friend walks up mid interview)

Noah: (laughs) I’m doing a CPS interview bro.

Noah (continues): No, but I like the kind of camaraderie that sports bring. It brings people together, you know? What else...? I love to cook- I discovered that over COVID. I love biology, and medicine and stuff like that. My biology class last year was probably my favorite class I’ve taken at the school. It was awesome.

Samana: Okay, what's one of your favorite songs?

Noah: Well, my favorite- oh geez. I can't. Can I look through my music real quick?

Samana: Yeah for sure.

Noah: I need to like, I can't even think of that on the spot.

(Opens spotify)

Noah: I mean, since it's summer, I'll say “Surfing USA” by the Beach Boys. I'm kind of in that mood right now, you know?

Samana: Yeah. Okay, what's one item on your bucket list?

Noah: I've always wanted to go to- and this is like every baseball fans’ dream- is to like do a road trip around the US and go to every single stadium, but realistically, I think that's not happening. But I would love to go to like a Nordic country one day like Sweden or Iceland or something. I think Iceland is one of the most beautiful countries of all time. I would love to go there one day.

Samana: Okay, how have you changed during your time at CPS?

Noah: Oh God, if you've seen my picture- if you see my freshman year picture, I look completely different. It's crazy. But no, I mean like, I've learned so much throughout my time at CPS- not even about school- just like about the world and you know, interpersonal relationships with people. I know that's like hella, philosophical and stuff like that, but you know- I learned how to interact with people so much and I don't know, I feel like I've just totally changed as a person throughout my time and CPS in so many ways that I can't even count.

Samana: Okay, what's one of your favorite College Prep memories?

Noah: My favorite college prep memories… I’ll say- okay, so there's a lot I can think of.

Samana: You can do several if you want.

Noah: Okay. I remember last year where I joined beginning photography, because I had an extra free period and I thought it would be fun. And then I ended up switching out and joining beginning instruments because I always wanted to learn the guitar. So I thought you know, what the hell, I’ll learn the guitar. So, we, you know, the thing goes on, and I start learning guitar and stuff like that. And then he's like, “Okay, we can play the songs as much as we want with the instruments, but someone's gonna have to sing it.” And I was like, hell no, I'm not singing it. I'm not singing this in a million years. But I don't know how- I somehow ended up singing “You're Welcome” from Moana.

Samana: Oh! That’s a great song.

Noah: And I sang it literally in the auditorium in front of everyone in the school and that was one of the coolest moments that I’ve had at CPS. That's one.

Noah: And then another one I can think of is last Intraterm. I was in the roller coaster Intraterm so we went to a bunch of amusement parks and stuff like that. And the last day, I mean, it was like a Thursday afternoon in Vallejo like, no one was around there. So, there was no line for any of the rides. There's one ride at Discovery Kingdom called Medusa, which is like, I don't know, the fabled ‘best ride at the park’ or something like that, you know, some people think. And there was no line and me and my friends rode it like 10 times and our heads were like spinning afterwards, but it was so worth it because that afternoon was so fun. I remember that specifically.

Samana: Wow, that sounds great. Okay, that's all we have. I'm so sorry for harassing you with emails and hunting you down in the Student Commons. I just wanted to get this interview–

Noah: –Oh, no- I feel bad. I had so much work this week. I kept meaning to respond to your email and then it would become the next day, and it was like man I gotta respond. And then the next, I gotta respond.

Samana: That’s okay- we did it now.

Noah: Yeah I’m glad it worked out. Thank you so much.


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