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Spirit Week Recap!

This year’s spring spirit week saw its share of twists, turns, and tumbles. Spice Spirit started the week out with Adam Sandler Day, where students and teachers alike dropped their typical aura of professionalism for the iconic baggy style of Adam Sandler; sunglasses and baggy sweatshirts were recommended.

Although X-Block was free, lunch held a spirit week classic: the school-wide dodgeball tournament. Red, yellow, and blue foam balls lined the Baldwin Gymnasium as opposing teams squared up against each other for glory and bragging rights. Each team fought hard, but the expected outcome prevailed. Seniors beat the freshman, and the juniors beat the sophomores. With the music blasting in our ears, turnout was strong on Monday, with each class eager to watch their classmates pummel each other with soft foam balls.

Tuesday, James Bond Day, was the polar opposite of the previous day’s baggy and informal fit. Students rocked up with formal suits and black outfits as if the campus was filled with secret service agents and their VIP personnel. From a small survey, students reported that this day was their favorite dress-up. A James Bond movie was planned to show during lunch but was eventually canceled. However, that didn’t mean the fun stopped there! Even people who weren’t part of StuCo ran spirited events. Elections for Student Council executive positions, including for Spirit Committee, were planned for the following week. Therefore, the spirit week prior to the election has been turned into an audition for the hopeful Spirit committees. In that vein, one group decided to plan a “mini Olympics,” filled with fun games such as spikeball on the music lawn.

The following day constituted the most interesting dress-up, called “directions day.” The freshmen wore fuzzy jackets and warm scarves as “the north,” sophomores dragged out their cowboy hats and plaid for southern outfits, juniors wore their country club and sweater vests for a preppy “east”, and the seniors busted out their flip flops and bathing suits for their western fits. The faculty dressed in their boy band outfits for the all-encompassing “One Direction.”

Wednesday also hosted the next round of dodgeball games and capture the flag in the gym. Again, the outcomes of these games were expected, but still provided innumerable excitement for all watchers. Once again, the seniors triumphed, 2nd place were the juniors, 3rd the sophomores and freshmen. After the gym cleared out for lunch, some people returned for the second installment of dodgeball, where the winners from Monday played each other, as did the losers from Monday’s matches. There were no upsets—seniors beat the juniors, and the sophomores triumphed over the freshmen.

Thursday and Friday followed in a similar fashion, with the dodgeball tournament ending with an exhilarating Junior vs. Senior match with three final ball catches, swinging the momentum of the match thrice. But ultimately, the seniors prevailed, keeping with a long-standing tradition of senior domination at Spirit Week—rigged or not. The week culminated with the Fire and Ice Dance, ostensibly inspired by Friday’s Ice Spice dress-up. The dance was attended by students from across all grades looking for a fun time and a way to relax. For underclassmen, this was their last opportunity to have an all-school dance this school year. Upperclassmen, however, can still look forward to prom!

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