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The CPS Election

If the votes of College Prep students and teachers are any guide, tonight the United States will elect its first female President, and California voters will overwhelmingly take liberal positions on key ballot propositions.

In today’s mock election, sponsored by the CPS Republican Club, students voted on the Presidency as follows:

  1. Hillary Clinton: 89%

  2. Donald Trump: 3%

  3. Jill Stein: 3%

  4. Gary Johnson: 5%

CPS teachers voted similarly:

  1. Hillary Clinton: 92%

  2. Jill Stein: 8%

Our mock ballot also asked students and teachers for their views on key ballot propositions. The results:

Prop 62: Abolish the death penalty

  1. Yes: 75% (students); 85% (teachers)

  2. No: 25% (students); 15% (teachers)

Prop 66: Retain but streamline the death penalty

  1. Yes: 39% (students); 8% (teachers)

  2. No: 61% (students); 92% (teachers)

Prop 57: Earlier parole for nonviolent felons

  1. Yes: 92% (students); 92% (teachers)

  2. No: 8% (students); 8% (teachers)

Prop 63: Background checks for ammunition sales

  1. Yes: 90% (students); 92% (teachers)

  2. No: 10% (students); 8% (teachers)

Prop 64: Marijuana Legalization

  1. Yes: 80% (students); 85% (teachers)

  2. No: 20% (students); 15% (teachers)

Prop 67: Plastic Bag Tax

  1. Yes: 78% (students); 92% (teachers)

  2. No: 22% (students); 8% (teachers)

Of course, the votes at College Prep are not representative of California voters, let alone voters nationally.  No published poll suggests that Ms. Clinton will win by such a landslide, even in California. We should watch the real results roll in tonight, and see how closely our collective views are shared across the state and the nation. The Republican Club thanks everyone who participated in today’s mock ballot.

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