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Women's Varsity Volleyball Senior Night

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Amy Schechter served, but Bentley made quick work to volley the ball back over the net, floating their third touch into the middle area between the Cougars’ front row and back row players. It seemed as though the point was lost, and that Schechter (seen left), playing in her fourth season at College Prep, would lose the opportunity to cap off senior night by winning on her serve. But then came Camille Duran, diving with outstretched arms onto the court and digging the ball, just as she had done time after time during her years at College Prep.

Watching these 2022 varsity volleyball Cougars, you will quickly be able to see their unwavering resilience and determination. The handshakes, the cheers, the communication: teamwork is everywhere when you watch this group.

After Duran’s dig, the Cougars found a way to return the ball over the net and to keep the point alive. The rally would continue on, Bentley refusing to give in. It seemed inevitable that the spotlight would be returned to Schechter. Although the strength of this year’s team lies in the collectiveness of its players, there is no doubt that Schechter is a force to be reckoned with.

After scrambling to return Bentley’s last volley, the ball found its way to the trusty arms of junior libero Nicole Serrano, who would indeed set the ball to Schechter. Serrano to Schechter: a trusty method of attack in the offense of the Cougars. And then, as Schechter would say during post game commentary, “it all came full circle.”

With a packed Prep student section watching from the stands, Schechter rose up, tucking her striking hand close to her ear and coiling back her arms, and then, in the blink of an eye, thrusting her arms forwards, making contact with the ball at the pinnacle of its flight. Point, set, match: a perfect kill too strong, and too well placed, to be reached by the outstretched arms of Bentley’s libero. The crowd roars. Schechter pumps her right hand up in the air and rushes over to embrace her fellow teammates, a wide smile stretching across her face. “That was amazing. It felt so fitting,” Schechter would add in the postgame. She smiles again in reminiscence.

It has been this type of storyline all year for the Cougars. The closeness and the connectedness which the five seniors—Amy “Kill Machine'' Schechter, Tara “Iron Roof” Valeti, Alexa “Lefty Legend” Rossi, Clare “Serve Sniper” Murphy, and Camille “Passing Professional” Duran—have brought to this group has been the heartbeat of the team throughout the season. When asked about the importance of these five seniors, third year head coach Monica Lyman echoes this sentiment. “They have a huge impact on the team,” she exclaimed. “Our captains Amy and Tara have been incredible leaders. Everybody contributes—they all have a huge presence on the team.”

Currently, the Cougars are in third place in the projected BCL playoff bracket and are slated to play St. Joe’s in the semifinals. Lyman and her squad hope to return once again to the finals and to knock out Head Royce for the second straight season. The team has a record of 12-11 on the year, including an 8-4 record in league.

Adam Sutro is the sports editor for the College Prep Radar. You can reach him at


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