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2023 Choreo Recap!

Blinding lights, creaky curtains, and thunderous cheers. These familiar sights and sounds warmly greeted everyone who performed in the annual CHOREO series, now in its eighth year. CHOREO series is an entirely student-run, student-directed, and student-lit dance production, and without fail, is a favorite for the dancers and audience alike. Dancers and choreographers sacrificed their lunches and afterschool time to pursue their passion for dance, developing a new appreciation for music and a stronger community.

All dancers from the CPS community were welcome, and many pieces included some dancers who were not in Ms. Alicia’s rapidly growing Dance Department. This spirit of inclusion, which we always strive for, rang clear in this year’s CHOREO series, with every grade represented and an abundance of styles, ranging from CHOREO’s first Bollywood, K-pop, and Tap Dances, to old favorites, like beautiful and intricate contemporary pieces.

This year, seniors Kate Lawson and Vivian Chang took on the mantle of directing CHOREO. Their leadership, both throughout the fall semester and during the performances themselves, was laudable. They worked and led a small group of choreographers through the process of putting on a show, ordering costumes, and coordinating food, among many other things. From small tasks, like choosing the color of the t-shirts, to big ones, such as coordinating all-day weekend tech rehearsals, Kate and Vivian rose to the challenge of CHOREO and left behind a legacy of calm efficiency and forward-thinking ideas.

Friday’s show started bumpily: the mics didn’t turn on, but Ms. Alicia, with her exceptional crowd-working skills, hyped the audience up, encouraging everyone to support and to cheer the dancers on. And the audience delivered. Cheers followed after every dance, and in the ones where it seeed appropriate, like the iconic Bollywood dance, Sheila Ki Jawani, students and parents alike could be found hooting and hollering at the top of their lungs. Even the most reserved students had a great time supporting and watching their friends glow on stage.

If you have not yet seen the CHOREO series showcase, go out and congratulate a dancer, and then watch the full performance at this link! Please also look forward to the April dance showcase, filled with dances from The Lion King to Dua Lipa!

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