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A Student's Guide to Taylor Swift's Newest Album

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

It’s Thursday, October 21, 2022, and you’re up at 8:30 p.m., desperately awaiting Taylor Swift’s new album, Midnights, to drop. Taylor Swift’s new album has taken the world, and CPS, by storm. Not only was this Taylor’s tenth album, but it also broke Spotify’s most streamed album in a single day, unsurprising to any Swiftie (a Taylor Swift fan). This album changed her normal acoustic instrumentals to a more synthesized and 90’s reminiscent collection. It’s themed around thirteen sleepless nights through her life, and her 3am Edition of the album, dropped three hours later, includes more songs.

In a week bogged down with routine and humdrum, Midnights rallied the CPS community around one central excitement. Everyone eagerly anticipated what would hopefully be another great hit. This enthusiasm wasn’t just channeled through buzz on campus, but with Common Classrooms and dress-ups concentrated on the album. There was even a bracket dedicated to Midnights, reminiscent of a March Madness Bracket (thank you, Cliff!). Each round ended at midnight, and the ultimate song on the album (as voted by the people) was announced on Wednesday, crowning "Anti-Hero" as the best song!

If you haven’t already listened to the album, here’s a guide to the songs by students:

Lavender Haze

  • “Love the production, cute vibes.” - Claire Von Metzsch

  • “Could be better.” - Maddie Ragasa

  • “I think it’s super catchy! I didn’t love it at first, because it sounded kind of basic, but honestly, it hits so hard after a couple of listens.” - Maya Amanuel



  • “Originally didn't like this, but it gets better with each listen.” - Andrew Young

  • “LOVEEEE! I love maroon so much. There’s nothing I can really expand on, but it was just such a good song.” - Maya Amanuel


  • “LOVEEEE, my #1. Everything about it, I was such a fan. I will scream this song any day.” - Maya Amanuel

  • “This is for sure going to be the song that gets (over)played on the radio—not that I’m complaining—and it completely deserves it. Catchy, creative, beautiful lyrics, and a great music video too.” - Ellie Rotblat

  • “Kind of overrated.” - Claire Von Metzsch

Snow on the Beach

  • “Where is Lana…” - Scarlett Lang

  • “Super catchy. While Lana is barely in it vocally, you can totally hear her influence on the song.” - Ellie Rotblat

  • “Had lots of potential, but wasn't good. Also, Lana's feature sucked.” - Andrew Young

You're On Your Own, Kid

  • “I love it. The bridge killed me, and I think the lyrics just have so much meaning.” - Maya Amanuel

  • “Another song that keeps getting better. Definitely a top pick for me.” - Andrew Young

  • “For a track 5, I was expecting more, but paying attention to the lyrics, I’ve grown a new appreciation for it. I like the chorus a lot.” - Ellie Rotblat

Midnight Rain

  • “So underrated! Really cool sound and vibe.” - Claire Von Metzsch

  • “I liked it! Some people said they didn’t like the electronic-y ness of it, but I enjoyed it. It was very much like Reputation, and I enjoyed it.” - Maya Amanuel

  • “It’s too synthed.” - Maddie Ragasa


  • “One of my favorites in the album. Definitely top 5!” - Andrew Young

  • “I didn’t really understand what the lyrics were, but it’s cool. Some people questioned me for putting it so low, but I guess people are entitled to their own opinions.” - Maya Amanuel

  • “It’s not the best, a little repetitive lyrics-wise. Cool concept, but it isn’t musically interesting.” - Ellie Rotblat

Vigilante Shit

  • “It’s trying to be Reputation, and it didn’t really work out.” - Scarlett Lang

  • “I have mixed feelings about this. I don't really like the certain style Taylor does here, and it makes me want the old Taylor more. Low rankings on this compared to other songs, but still a nice flow change.” - Andrew Young

  • “It’s such a cool song! As if 'Nobody No Crime' was on Reputation. It makes me feel tough when listening to it.” - Ellie Rotblat


  • “I don’t have bad or good thoughts.” - Maddie Ragasa

  • “It was cute. Basic, but cute nonetheless.” - Maya Amanuel

  • “Very catchy, but not my favorite. It’s a little boring. Karma is the better upbeat song on the album by far.” - Ellie Rotblat


  • “Heavenly, but not the strongest lyrically.” - Claire Von Metzsch

  • “I really like the chorus and the vibes of it.” - Ellie Rotblat

  • “Ethereal.” - Maddie Ragasa


  • “The bop of the album for sure. Amazing.” - Ellie Rotblat

  • “Not a great song, fun to analyze though, as it sounds like a Kanye diss. Lots of conspiracies around this one.” - Andrew Young

  • “CHORUS IS SO GOOD. Very slay.” - Claire Von Metzsch

Sweet Nothing

  • “I really liked the start and end. The middle wasn't great. Still, a really good song, and I liked it a lot.” - Andrew Young

  • “It’s such a sweet song that gives me happy, fluffy feelings. I like the piano hook a lot.” - Ellie Rotblat

  • “Basic, but it’s still nice.” - Maya Amanuel


  • “I’m not a fan, but it’s cute though.” - Maya Amanuel

  • “Relatable, but underwhelming.” - Claire Von Metzsch

  • “Bad. I didn't like this ending to the album. I liked the spacey vibes though—still a cool song.”- Andrew Young

The Great War

  • “I love this one so much. Best song in the 3am Edition.” - Andrew Young

  • “Fabulous: lyrically and melodically!” - Claire Von Metzsch

  • “So good.” - Scarlett Lang

Bigger Than The Whole Sky

  • “THIS SONG DESERVED TO BE ON THE ALBUM! Very ethereal: an amazing song with great lyrics.” - Ellie Rotblat

  • “Should have made the main album. Great song.” - Andrew Young

  • “Best 3am track.” - Maya Amanuel


  • “I didn't love this. Can see why it didn't make the main album. Still a decent listen though.” - Andrew Young

  • “Basic and a little boring. Catchy of course, but kinda mid, my least favorite overall.” - Ellie Rotblat

  • “Underrated masterpiece, the cutest.” - Claire Von Metzsch

High Infidelity

  • “Such a catchy and smart song (high fidelity ⟶ high infidelity). I love it.” - Ellie Rotblat

  • “Love so much, kinda heartbreaking.” - Claire Von Metzsch

  • “Don't like this one.” - Andrew Young


  • “Mid. She took a different approach to it (like on 'Midnight Rain'), but the chorus isn’t great. It’s a solid bonus track, along with 'Paris,' but wouldn’t be more.” - Ellie Rotblat

  • “Nope, not good.” - Andrew Young

  • “Don’t know it that well, but it's pretty good.” - Scarlett Lang

Would've, Could've, Should've

  • “I didn't like this one.” - Andrew Young

  • “So emotional and amazing, and the story behind it—her relationship with John Mayer—is so heartbreaking. Deserved to be on the main album!” - Ellie Rotblat

  • “Love.” - Maya Amanuel

Dear Reader

  • “Nope nope nope, worst song on the album.” - Andrew Young

  • “It’s a nice concept with a good chorus, but not intriguing.” - Ellie Rotblat

  • “Cute, I guess.” - Maya Amanuel

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