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An Evening at the Palace of Fine Arts: Yash S. '27

Written and Edited by Sophie D.

The Photograph

In his photograph titled An Evening at the Palace of Fine Arts, Yash S. brings us an exceptionally visually satisfying, and balanced, color composition. Warm yellows draw our attention to the center, while our perspective is simultaneously grounded by the darker reflections of greenery and lifted by the gradient of sky blue hovering above. Aside from the beautiful architecture pictured, the lighting in this photo might be my favorite part; it sets up the time and mood of the scene perfectly. Although the lights around the palace are on, indicating late evening, the sky is still a bright blue, both light sources glowing softly. Yash’s piece captures the window of time between broad daylight and the full use of artificial lighting that comes with nighttime, a short yet peaceful transitional period that can be difficult to encapsulate as accurately as he has in this photo.

A Quick Note from the Photographer

“This fabulous photo was one I took during the last week of winter break while visiting San Francisco. The structure is located in the Palace of Fine Arts in the Marina District. I highly recommend checking out this iconic monument!” Thanks, Yash!


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