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CAT Column: October/November 2016 Update!

Welcome to the CAT Column!

This is where you’ll find updates on the Community Action Team (CAT) here at College Prep, as well as opportunities to participate in community service!

CAT and CAT 2.0 meet separately every week at lunch, and make regular announcements at assembly to notify CPS on what is happening and how they can get involved! Our main goal is to make positive change in our community, while our central focus is on issues that are decided yearly based on the interests of each individual group of students.

What is CAT?

CAT stands for Community Action Team! There is both a CAT team, and a CAT 2.0 team, headed by faculty advisors Jeremiah Jackson and Amanda Luckey. CAT is comprised of first-time CAT members: four students in each grade; sophomores, juniors and seniors. We strive to do a little bit of good and inspire others in areas we feel most passionate about. Right now, CAT is broken up into smaller groups, focusing on health and nutrition, peer sexual health education and racial justice.

The CAT 2.0 team is made up of eight upperclassmen: four juniors and four seniors, all of whom have previous experience on the original CAT team. Currently, CAT 2.0 is concentrating on anti-sexual harassment protocol and culture, both inside and outside of the College Prep community.

How can you get involved?

CAT’s racial justice group welcomes you to a forum for students of color! College Prep’s CAT is partnering with other neighboring schools such as Lick Wilmerding, Athenian, The Urban School and more. You can look forward to an integrated discussion going into the experiences that students of color face in independent schools in the Bay Area. This forum will take place in early November and the location will be announced soon!

Senior Sam C. is hosting a Common Classroom on sports teams participating in community service surrounding health and nutrition — Captains, please sign up!

What is CAT working on?

Look forward to discussions about sexual harassment and assault hosted by CAT 2.0, a sexual health peer education program with opportunities for student leaders, and a partnership with Phat Beets and City Slicker Farms to learn more about health and nutrition!

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