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Co-Editor Farewell

Dear Prep,

As your co-editors at the beginning of the year, we set our hopes for the Radar to become an integral part of the College Prep community. Over the past year, the Radar has developed a larger presence on campus through student opinion articles such as “An Open Letter to Prep” by Katherine C. (’17) and “Non Binary?” by Grace C. (’18). We have also created a more close knit network between the Radar and the College Prep sports teams – and worked to incorporate vibrant student photography through projects such as “Fresh Faces: Meet the Class of 2019,” and Ahab C. and Sarah M.’s “Humans of CPS.”

Over the past year, from pitch sessions to a staff pizza party, we have both thoroughly enjoyed working to improve the Radar alongside Dr. Kojan, a group of committed writers, photographers, and editors. We hope the Radar will continue its growth this coming year as we pass the baton over to rising seniors Martha C. and Katherine C., who will continue the mission of the Radar within and beyond the College Prep community.

Thank you for a great year!

Your 2015-16 Co-Editors,

Samantha H. and Jane V.

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