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First Day of Spring Sports Recap


We started off the first day of the swimming season with a team cheer in the rain. A lifeguard lectured us about the rules of the pool, including a new one: No diving unless specifically instructed to. I was disappointed that I couldn’t start off the season with my customary running dive, but I was first into the water anyway. The practice was especially grueling for me, as I hadn’t swum since last season. During the first lap of the warm-up, I was already blacking out. My entire body was seized by cramps and I started shaking uncontrollably. Then I remembered my family, my dog, my friends, and the food that was waiting for me after this practice, and strength surged into my limbs that lasted me until the end of practice. We finished with a few relay races, and everyone rushed back into the locker rooms for hot showers to recover from this character-building first day of practice. –Victor W. (‘18)


Sheets of rain fall down onto the rough slick surface of the gym deck, as College Prep’s most intrepid and perennially successful spring sport huddles into S3 to hear their coach, Kiet Tran, declare his expectations, goals, and visions for the season. After the meeting, the decorated mid-distance crew, athletes who specialize in distances between a half and two miles of the track, ventures out into the grey mist of the streets of Berkeley-Oakland on a moderately hilly 5 miler. Thus begins their season of training, which will consume the next few months of their lives. Meanwhile, the sprinters crowd into the warmth of the weight room, where they crank out a tough session of Olympic lifting, a kind of weightlifting that emphasizes quick and powerful bursts of movements. After 40 minutes, the distance crew joined the sprinters in the fitness center; together, they completed their lifting routines. Each Monday and Friday for the next few months, you will find the track team in the weight room blasting music, ribbing each other, and bending bars as they set personal record after personal record. Most athletes go home after practice, yet a few remain to take extra time to perfect their snatch form, do gravity-resisted sit-ups, or roll out their legs after a good first day’s work. –Ethan A. (‘17)


Undampened by the rain, girls’ softball started off its season with a chill workout day. Missing half of our team due to the varsity basketball season, we met our new assistant coach, Paul, and warmed up with some laps around campus and on the stationary bikes. After, we ran through a quick minute circuit, before concluding our shortened practice with a fun game of human knot. The rain means that we won’t be able to practice at Bates field until at least next week, so we’ll be relegated to campus until the weather lets up. –Zoe M. (‘17)

Women’s Soccer

Considering that it was raining, our first practice went surprisingly well. No one got injured, no one quit, and everyone had fun (or so I hope).

Honestly, the practice was not that special. We scrimmaged the entire time. The most exciting part of practice was how well everyone played. I’ve seen too many messy first days, but we looked really good. I was blown away by how much effort everyone put into our practice.

We had twenty players. The last time that happened was during my freshmen year. I have high hopes for this season! –Amara C. (‘17)

Men’s Volleyball

First day of volleyball practice – Allison tries to scare off potential recruits with a strenuous workout. Burpees are by far the worse, but running around in the rain while the other sports teams snicker is no fun either. We finally get on the court, but it’s the first day, so we do the most boring thing possible – the dreaded passing drills. I’m no psychic, but if we did have any freshmen on the team, I’d imagine they’d be having second thoughts. Overall, 8.5/10 good practice. –Adrien H. (‘17)


We are so excited to be back out there playing baseball. We have a small team, but that makes us even closer as a group. At practice we share lots of laughs and we pick each other up when we fall (cough cough Zach). If it wasn’t clear, Zach fell. There is so much improvement with some of our players and we can’t wait to finally go up to the field next week! –Maya Z.(‘17)

Men’s Tennis

Although the first few days of Spring Sports have poured buckets of rain on the tennis courts, the tennis team is still super excited to start their season! With a record level of interest in the team this year, we’re super excited to see the team grow in every way this year. We’ve been managing the weather with runs and other workouts but everyone’s eager to start hitting some balls again. –Ahab C. (‘17)


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