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Fresh Faces: First Month Edition

Meet the Class of 2020!

With the start of the school year, College Prep is flooded with faces– some familiar, and some unfamiliar. For those acquainted with CPS, the first quarter generally consists of getting back into the flow of things, normal back to school stress, and your run-of-the-mill tests and quizzes. However, for the class of 2020, first quarter means a new campus, new classes, and of course an entirely new school! We asked several fresh faces a couple questions and discovered a few new things about the freshies.

First, there’s no question that the freshmen are excited for all aspects of their first year at College Prep.

Josh S: “I’m looking forward to cross country races!”


Danna C: “I can’t wait for the all school dance!”


Jack S: “I’m most excited to meet new people.”


Emily M: “I’m excited for all the cool stuff we’ll be learning!”


Second, on a very different note,we also discovered that the cougar cafe needs more Snapple and Cup Noodles.

Here are some freshmen’s responses when asked what they liked most from the vending machines:

Kevin (left): “Snapple and cup noodles. Because they’re delicious. I’ve had them three times this school year!”

Hanako (center): “Snapple is definitely the best.”

Austin (right, to Kevin): “Dude, you’ve had Cup Noodles EVERY DAY!”


A similar sentiment was echoed by freshman Loren M:

“I like Cup Noodles because they’re salty like me.”


Who knows what else can be learned from talking to the class of 2020!? As September comes to a close make sure to introduce yourself to all the fresh faces around campus!

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