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Girls Track Report: Women’s Team destroy the field, coming in First!

Starting with the exciting 4×100 relay, we had three stellar teams. The veteran team, composed of Holly L, Sami H, Miranda C and Kaitlynn H, dominated by coming in 2nd place. Our other two teams also did super well, mixing veterans (Cady K and Oriana C, as well as Nina M), with some enthusiastic rookies: Amy D, Mary S, Sarah H, Grace L, and Maya L.

In the 1600, the Prep girls continued their momentum, scoring a whopping 15 points! Veterans Brianna B, Charlotte P, Carly H and Ayesha P quickly regained their strides from last year, while Talia P effortlessly crushed half of the field in her first track event.

The 100m hurdles brought lots of success from our two returning high hurdlers. Coming in second place, Holly L earned 8 points for the team, and Ava Podell scored 4 with her fourth place finish.

Veteran Miranda C earned a 6th place finish in the 400m dash, scoring a point for the team. Next came the rookie, Talia P with a 9th place finish in a field of 23 runners, in (again) her first meet! Kaitlynn H, Rookie Anna M, and Cady Ku came in 10th, 11th and 13th place respectively, continuing the Prep girl’s streak.

In the 100m dash, vets and rookies once again came together, giving the race their all. The 4th heat saw the power of Mary S, Maya L, Nina M, and Grace L. In the fifth heat, Rookie Amy Du ran to the finish line, winning her heat. Finally, in the final heat, Veteran Sami H had an impressive sprint, coming in 6th place overall and scoring a point for the team.

Once again, your distance girls demolished the field, this time in the 800m. Collectively scoring 16 points, Brianna B, Charlotte P, Ally M., Carly H., and Ayesha P. all pushed through the pain, some to the point of regurgitation.

Our talented hurdlers didn’t let the obstacles slow them down in the 300m dash. Coming in 1st place, Holly L scored the team 10 whole points! Next came Ava Podell in third place, earning the team 6 whole points. Finally, Miranda C powered through to a 5th place finish, securing 2 points for the team.

The penultimate track event, the 200m dash, saw a great deal of success. In the first heat, Sami H. ran in a league of her own, winning the heat and earning a 7th place finish overall. Next came Oriana Christ and Sarah H, also proving themselves as speedy sprinters. In the fourth heat, Rookies Anna M and Grace L held on for the tough race, and powered through to the finish line.

Finally, the 4x400m relay (as it often does) proved to be the most exciting event of the evening, as it brought together rookies and veterans, as well as sprinters and distance runners. Your Prep A team (Brianna B, Kaitlynn H, Charlotte P, and Ava P) scored 8 points with its strong second place finish. Next, the B team (Cady K, Ally M, Anna M, and Carly H), came in 3rd, and the C team (Talia P, Ayesha P, Amy D, and Sarah H) secured a strong fourth place finish. Finally, the Prep D team (Grace L, Mary S, Maya L, and Nina M) each had awesome legs that earned them a 6th place finish.

 Last, but certainly not least, the field events proved quite exciting on the girls side. In the long jump, Ava P, Oriana C and Sarah H all leapt to success. A 6th place finish in the shot put earned Cady K a point, while Amy D, the injured Micalyn S, and Nina M also had amazing throws. Finally, in the discus, Amy D earned 2 points with her 5th place finish, and Micalyn S again fought hard for the team, despite an injury that prevents her from running.

At BCL #1, their very first league meet, despite coming off little to no training due to Intraterm, your College Prep women’s track and field team crushed the competition in basically every event, rightfully earning a first place finish. Make sure to congratulate tracksters for their awesome performances!


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