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Goodbye from Your 2014-2015 Co-editors

Dear College Prep Community–

From square dancing at brand-new Spirit Week – Take Two to nailing the BCL championships, College Prep has had quite the action-packed year. Among the big changes this year– including the fresh faculty faces and the class of 2018– the Radar experienced a dramatic transformation from print-bound to the glossy new-age venue of online news. As your 2014-2015 Radar co-editors, Nadira and I have ushered the Radar into it’s brand-new niche as a web-delivered news source. Beyond mere upgraded accessibility and environmental consciousness, our vision for the new-and-improved Radar extrapolated on the value of interweb communication to provide a platform through which students and faculty could discuss and dissect on-campus events, world news, and unconventional opinions. Being web-based, benefits have also included live sports updates and timely news.

Over the course of the year, we have seen the Radar grow from a tentative experiment to a lively and vibrant news source. Unfortunately, the school year has come to a close and Nadira and I have reached the threshold between high school and college. We have left the Radar in the capable hands of your new 2015-2016 co-editors– Samantha H. (‘16) and Jane V. (‘16)– who we trust to capture the idiosyncratic spirit of College Prep and advance the Radar’s mission in the year to come. We are excited to see what changes our successors will bring, and how the Radar will evolve with College Prep’s diverse community. Above all, we are deeply grateful to our writers, photographers, section editors and especially to our faculty mentor David Kojan who guided us from brain-child to fully-fledged website.

Thank you!

Your 2014-2015 co-editors Deanna N. and Nadira B.

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