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How To Write For The Radar (2020-2021)

We encourage everyone at College Prep to share their perspectives and passion with the community through The Radar. Articles are not the only way that you can contribute; we also have an arts section containing photography, visual art, poetry, and more. If you are interested in writing for us, please proceed as follows:

  1. Fill out this google form to submit your art or article. You can pitch a fully-written article, attach an image of your art, or just propose an idea. Please include a title and a cover photo when submitting your work.

  2. Within 48 hours, a Section Editor will get back to you with their suggestions for your article, including edits for grammar and style if it’s already written.

  3. When you’ve considered the section editor’s suggestions, send your article to the Managing Editors, Dahlia P and Kalia L.

  4. After considering the Managing Editors’ suggestions, send your article to the Editors in Chief, Max B and Amy Z, who will publish it.

Section Editors:

Science: Rahim M

Arts: Irene Y

Sports: Chelsea Z

Lifestyle: India I

Current Events: Gabriel R-P

Humans of CPS: Anna C, Celia L-D, Nora W, Phoebe S

Prep News: Elsa O

Opinion: Sawan G

Advice: Samantha L

We look forward to seeing your work.

-Max B and Amy Z, Editors in Chief


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