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Humans of CPS

By Samantha H. and Claudia C.

Photography by Samantha H.

“What inspires you?” “Colors and Colin”

“What inspires you?” “Colors and Colin.”


“What are you most excited about for Thanksgiving break?”

“I’m really excited for pecan pie, Netflix, and seeing family!”


“It’s 52oz of Chamomile tea.”


“Why do you like to run?”

“I like that it’s very individual in that you have to rely on yourself, but also that cross country is a team sport with a group to support you.”


Parsa: “Just call me Matt Stanners.”


“You should catch me off guard so I might accidentally say something funny.”


“What’s your favorite part of CPS basketball?”

Amy: “Just being part of the team and being able to participate in a sport I love with my friends.”

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