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Humans of CPS: Stella K.

Stella K., Sophomore - Interview Conducted by Pearl Werbach

Thursday, November 3rd, 2022: Walking to meet my interviewee, the clamor of exhausted CPS students surrounds me. I can hear the footsteps of students rushing out of their classrooms above me in the Scott building, three of them complaining about a particularly long history reading. I wave to and greet Stella, more punctual than me. I click record. “Welcome Stella.” The interview has begun…

Pearl: Hi, Stella.

Stella: Hi!

Pearl: How are you?

Stella: I’m…good. I’m ahead of homework, which is great.

Pearl: That’s awesome! Do you have a favorite pastime?

Stella: Yes, I do! I really like to read a lot.

Pearl: Which genres do you like?

Stella: Just fantasy, but also, like, fiction in general.

Pearl: Do you have any book recommendations?

Stella: Ummm…okay…


Pearl: Okay, well, what’s this book? (gestures at Stella’s book on the table)

Stella: Well, this book is kind of slow. I don’t know if I would recommend it. But, a random book: The Midnight Library.

Pearl: Oh! I’ve always wanted to read that. So, since it’s cold season, what’s your favorite comfort meal?

Stella: Okay, my favorite comfort meal is probably, um, something that my mom cooks. Like, she has this German scalloped potato recipe that’s really good. And chicken stroganoff.

Pearl: Oh, yum. That sounds good. Do you have a favorite holiday?

Stella: Yeah, I think I would say my favorite holiday is Christmas. Just because it kind of lasts the entire month. So many songs and movies.

Pearl: I love Christmas too. Finally, you’re a sophomore. Is there any advice you’d give your freshman self?

Stella: Okay. I would tell my freshman self to, like, ask for help more. Even if it’s something small, just to get clarification.

Pearl: Okay, thank you, Stella!

Stella: Thanks!


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