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Important Radar 2019-2020 Publication Info

This information is out of date. Click here for current publication information.


Hi All! Kira and I wanted to make the Radar Publishing Guidelines accessible for anyone who might want to publish an article or piece this year. It’s really simple if you follow the steps listed below.

  1. Pitch your idea during a Radar meeting or email it to Co Editors 

  2. Co Editors approve your idea and work together to set a semi flexible rough draft deadline

  3. Email your rough draft to the Section Editor in charge of your section

  4. Section editors suggest changes and send them to you within 2 days 

  5. Once you have made any changes, send your edited piece back to Section Editors

  6. Section Editors send your piece directly to Managing Editors 

  7. Managing Editors make changes and send them to Co Editors within 2 days

  8. Co Editors will publish article! 

Radar Staff: 

Co-Editors in Chief 

Kira PP & Danna CG 

Managing Editors

Cari M & Andrew J

Section Editors

Science: Rahim M

Arts: Amy Z

Sports: Celia LD 

Lifestyle: Sierra L

Current Events: Dahlia P

Humans of CPS: Chloe S

Prep News: Manu P

Opinion: Max B

Advice: Kalia L 

Grade Reps

Freshmen Rep: Camille D

Sophomore Rep: Kayla L

Junior Rep: Ethan C

Senior Rep: Yulia G


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