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Interview with Our 2014-2015 Co-Presidents

I’d like to start off by congratulating both of you on getting elected, and thank you for agreeing to this interview.  Always great when politicians are willing to be open to the public.   It’s our pleasure, Peet.

During your extensive campaigning during the buildup to the elections, you based your platform off of the slogan “Life, Love, You.”  Could you give some examples of how Stuco, under your leadership, is going to emphasize those three things next year? The essence of our campaign platform was to design a school year in which the student body felt it was heard, was able to experience new things, and enjoyed it’s time here. We believe that the best way to achieve those things revolves around greater school spirit and a more conscious student body. We plan to have more visible updates of Stuco planning to keep the student body more informed as well as incorporate more school spirit rich activities (i.e. spirit days, big games, etc.).

So, on that subject, would you say your leadership is going to try to be role models of those values to the rest of the school?  In other words, are you going to try and embody love and life? How? We will definitely try our best to model the characteristics we’re trying to infuse into College Prep. Part of that is making the little tweaks that make College Prep a school that is more fun to attend and offers more unique opportunities, and the other part is having an active presence that encourages everyone to join in with us.

In your campaign video, Marc, you said that you “[knew] what it takes to make next year as enjoyable as possible.”  Could you offer some examples of that? We think that a large part of this argument revolves around hearing what the student body wants. While we have many ideas for new activities, it is safe to say that most students don’t want to do things they don’t join. In order to make next year as enjoyable as possible, we need to find the right balance between our original ideas (suggestion boxes, increased campus maintenance, Outings Club) and the ideas that the student body wants.

So, here are some of the reasons people voted for you, according to your campaign video. ·  You’re respected and we know you’ll be great leaders ·  You have “a face we can trust” ·  You’re human ·  You “like to have fun” ·  People trust you ·  You’re our number one pick  Why else do you hope people voted for you? We hope that people voted for us because they saw the sincerity in our message. Both of us strongly believe that co-presidents shouldn’t make huge promises they can’t keep; we’ve made promises we know we can follow through on, like the College Prep Outings Club. If you look at our slogan, each part focuses on the student body and each person’s individual experience.

During your campaign speech, you mentioned giving increased transparency to student government.  Other than an anonymous suggestion box, are there specific policies in mind you have to achieve this? What many people don’t know is that all Stuco meetings are open meetings. Anyone is welcome to come into a meeting and participate. We think that one of our biggest challenges next year is going to be how to fully convey what has been said in Stuco over to the student body. We both agree that an increased presence of Stuco at assembly announcements is the first step in creating a more transparent student government.

The history of Stuco is long, filled with countless presidents, and there were quite a few other candidates this year for the position, but we voted for you.  Can you say, in a couple of sentences, what sets you apart from all of them? This response probably echoes the overall sentiment of all of our answers, but both of us believe that we have the dedication that will allow us to make real change. We’re not going to build an escalator from the bottom to the top of campus even though we all know walking up that hill is a drag. We want to be honest with the things we promise and ensure that we are co-presidents who follow through on what we promise. We work well as a team and are excited to get to talk to hopefully everyone on this campus to make sure all the work we do is what people really want.

In that vein of originality, you said in your video that you wanted us to “be adventurous and try new things.”  Could you give us some examples of how you’re going to encourage that, or perhaps some new things you’re looking to have next year? We talked about our Outings Club idea earlier but much of this club would revolve around the idea of organized activities away from the comfort of our campus. While the Outings Club involves experiencing new activities outside of school, we want the student body to be receptive to changes within the school as well. As we develop as a student government next year, we will create new activities that may not have seemed possible this year that we want the student body to be willing to take part in.

Anything else you want to add?  Ideas, rants, bad puns? I think everyone has had enough of our puns but get ready for a moniquely chabomb year! There’s a new sheriff(s) in town.

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