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Movie Review: The Giver

The Giver (2014)

7 out of 10


Director: Phillip Noyce

In a utopian future, Jonas (Brenton Thwaites), an 18-year-old boy, is chosen to learn from “the giver” (Jeff Bridges), a selected member of society who retains memories of the past in order to give advice about current events. The giver begins to share these memories of pre-utopian history with Jonas. The plot revolves around the fact that their world is a color and emotionless society that believes differences are dangerous. However, when Jonas realizes the depth of the secret memories kept from the population, he sets out to return everyone’s memories.

Based on the book by Lois Lowry, this movie is simply moving. “The Giver” makes you appreciate humanity. The setting is in a world where people have been stripped of all the aspects of being human; the ability to feel emotions, the joys of life, color, and music. This idea of “sameness” in the movie was created to prevent war and discrimination, but denies people a sense of personality. The film served as a great form of entertainment and I would totally recommend it. I’m not sure how accurate it is to the book, but for anyone with some extra free time, this movie is worth the $10.

The beginning is a little stuffed with information meant to catch the viewer up, but once the plot starts to unravel, the film vastly improves. Phillip Noyce does an excellent job grabbing your full attention with the memories passed from the giver to Jonas. Jonas’s internal struggle is clearly conveyed through the cinematography, and the graphics are pretty decent for a sci-fi film. Costumes and music tie in well to the concept.

One of the best things about “The Giver” is that it portrays Jonas’s first reactions to normal stuff we encounter daily. His first time seeing colors in a monochrome world, hearing music, and feeling emotions are captured really well. In turn, the emotions conjure his belief that all people deserve the right to feel. He must risk everything to accomplish his goal of saving his friends by restoring this right.

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