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Photo Contest Winner!

Photo Contest Winner-- Joy M. ('16)

Photo Contest Winner– Joy M. (’16)

Photo Contest Runner-up: Lizzy S. ('15)

Photo Contest Runner-up: Lizzy S. (’15)

Congratulations to Joy M. (’16) for winning this year’s Photo Contest (and a Jamba Juice gift card)! Lizzy S. (’15) is runner-up, with an amazing photo of her own.  And thanks to everyone to submitted photos– it was a tough call!

We asked each winner to give us their story– what made the subject compelling? Were there any difficulties in the photo-taking process? And for all curious photographers– what camera did you use?

Here’s what they said:

Joy M. (’16)

Where and why did you take the picture? Is there a story behind it?

“I took this photo on my back porch, as a matter of fact! We live on a hill, so we have a fantastic view. I love the sunsets we get in the Bay Area, and I can usually see them outside my windows. They are usually quite pretty, but I don’t often manage to stop whatever I’m doing and grab all my stuff in time to get outside and catch it. However, on this particular day, I wasn’t doing anything in particular when the sun started to set, so I grabbed my camera bag and headed outside. I ended up staying there for about half an hour, taking a bunch of photos as the sun went down. This photo was taken near the end, when I was pretty close to running out of light. I ended up with about 50 photos from that session! This was my favorite, though. I love how you can see the lights on the somewhat newly finished Bay Bridge. ”

What kind of camera did you use?

A Nikon D3100.

Lizzy S. (’15)

Where and why did you take the picture? Is there a story behind it?

I took it while walking around a residential neighborhood in Napa. I just liked the mix of organic and geometric lines.

What kind of camera did you use?

I use a Canon EOS Rebel T5i with a zoom lens.

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