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Prep News: Halloween 2022 Recap!

Stepping onto campus on Monday, October 31st, we were immediately greeted by eerie cobwebs strewn across the N building. It would be impossible not to realize that it was Halloween. In class, students found their usual serious and professional teachers dressed as Darth Vader, Expo markers, or decked-out astronauts. Halloween spirit filled the air, so when X-Block rolled around, the thought of exuberant amounts of candy filled my head as I headed down to the Halloween-themed assembly.

Gathering on the damp music lawn together harkened back to the previous year, when our beautiful courtyard was still a pile of unlaid bricks and concrete, and we had to cram ourselves into a tiny patch of grass for assembly every week. Although the sun shone brightly above, triumphantly peeking from the trees that litter our campus, the wind picked up its speed as if taunting us in true Halloween spirit. Undoubtedly, the highlight of each year’s Halloween festivities is the Costume Contest, where students and teachers alike compete for the glory of the best costume in the school—and maybe, a pizza party?? (hint, hint,

SPICE). The fate of this year’s costume contest lay in the hands of Dr. Casamir, dawning a crisp, blue dress shirt; Aminah, decked in a bright, shining red shirt and pants, topped with a blond wig and white cowboy hat; Ms. Alicia, who strode around campus in a large pot with leaves surrounding her like a peacock’s feathers; and Ali, in the aforementioned Darth Vader costume.

This year saw some amazingly creative, spooky, and funny costumes. As each category of the competition was announced by Ava and Sonam, students lined up to enter. The reigning champion of “best costume” strode up confidently, with the support of the senior class behind him. Finn McKibbin dawned a posterboard and hat with the “Common App,” striking fear into the hearts of our beloved seniors. For “funniest costume,” Olivia Harris strode up, decked out, head to toe, in an artificial neon-orange, dressed as Vector from Despicable Me. For those brave enough to enter, they were met with cheer from each grade—though you could always hear a thunderous cheer from that devoted friend! The sophomore class came out strong, with a thirteen-member costume of farmers and assorted farm animals—every animal conceivable, from crocodiles to narwhals, was represented. Finally, the faculty strode in, the Athletics Department in the infamous bright-pink body suits and black masks of the Squid Game’s Masked Men, as well as the previously mentioned Expo-markers, and Star Wars gang.

Following the contest, each grade competed in a mummy-wrapping and donut-eating extravaganza, reigniting the spirit felt during last month’s spirit week. The juniors and seniors hit the ground running, wrapping their representatives from head to toe in toilet paper, then hobbling on over to their donut eater, who bit furiously at a donut, tauntingly suspended by a string like a piñata, much to the excitement of all the grades. In the end, the seniors stomached the last of their donuts—a fitting end to their last Halloween at CPS. Nonetheless, afterward, each grade took their cold hands and hungry stomachs to the hot cocoa tables, sipping gingerly on the steaming beverage as they dispersed for lunch.

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