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Preparations for the Big Night: Cabaret 2015

College Prep Cabaret 2000. See below for more awesome pics. Photo source: College Prep website

This Cabaret Night will be a blast from the past. Though few remember it, John King, the pianist for the chorus, played Frank Sinatra’s Witchcraft at the first cabaret night in 1995 with his sister. It is difficult to imagine what Cabaret would have been like at that time. Since then, our campus has changed drastically, with new renovations and new people. This year, the same song will be performed by Ian P. (‘15), accompanied by the Jazz Combo.

Cabaret Night is a student-run production that fundraises for the biannual Music Tour. Cabaret offers students an opportunity to showcase their skills to the community. “The nice thing about Cabaret Night is that we sometimes find people who we didn’t even know about who are really great actors or singers or musicians,” said Kurt Patzner.

Planning Cabaret Night has been no easy feat. The co-chairwomen are Ariana C. (‘15) and Alice W. (‘17). They were tasked with delegating and overseeing the committee for Cabaret. Alice will be the head-chairwoman in her senior year. For Ariana, giving out jobs to others proved to be the biggest obstacle.  “Letting the girls initially take the reins on their respective positions was hard for me – I trusted that they’d do a good job, but I still stressed about it a lot at first,” she said. Another obstacle was time. For both performers and organizers, finding the time to work on Cabaret Night was difficult. “Students have such crazy schedules,” said Patzner. For performers, trying to get everyone together to rehearse was challenging, while organizers were given most of their information a stressful three weeks before the event.

Nevertheless, students believe all of this extra stress is worth it. “I think it’s a great way to showcase talent and art, and embodies the diversity of this school,” said Anthony Z. (‘18), a performer in Cabaret. This Cabaret will be like none other. One of the differences between this Cabaret Night and the last one is that this year’s edition doesn’t only have singers. There will be dances, poi, a cello quartet, and more.

Many have high hopes for this performance. Ariana said, “[I expect it to be] super energetic, beautifully decorated – we’ve got lemon cake too so that should be reason alone to come. I’ve seen some of the performers practicing and believe me, it’s going to be good.” Patzner has high hopes for the bands: “Jazz Combo is really strong. So is Jazz Band.”

The 11th Cabaret Night is fast approaching. As Ariana said, “I’ll leave it at a black leotard, a lighter, and lots of banter.”

College Prep Cabaret 2000

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