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Preview of Women’s Soccer

As fall sports seasons come to a close and winter sports start their tryouts, spring sports teams lift their heads and start peeping out at the upcoming season. The College Prep women’s soccer team, for example, has just begun its preseason training.

Led by Amara C. (‘17), the team kicked off its training with a short run up to Lake Temescal, where everyone introduced themselves and discussed the positions they plan to play. Then everyone ran down to College Avenue for ice cream, before walking back to school. Official training started on Wednesday and will continue through the end of the semester with a combination of running at Temescal and various exercises back at school.

Currently, the soccer team expects to have a roster of 23, an improvement from last year’s 18. Returning players excitedly welcome a whopping ten new freshmen to their ranks, including a potential new goalkeeper, Yulia G. (‘20) in addition to the current goalkeeper Alana J. (‘17).

During the team’s first training run, we got to know some of these new players. As a group, they are extremely friendly and enthusiastic, and most, if not all, already seem like good soccer players. One thing everyone seemed to want to hear about was Godwin. “Is he scary?” someone asked. “No, he really isn’t, he just has a loud voice,” was the answer.

More organized, mandatory practices will begin shortly after winter break, followed by preseason scrimmages, and then– finally– the season officially starts (probably in March).  

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