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Radar Crossword #1

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Across3.Wales by any other name6.India’s ruling political faction9.The City of Brotherly Love10Australian wild dog11.Dominant country in the United Kingdom15CPS’ resident avian expert18Holy month in Islam20Latvian capital city21The line around which a parabola curves24California’s least populous county26Fictional president27Land of Lincoln28San Franciscan, New Yorker, et. al29Canine illness Down1.Abdicated the papacy2.Not in Kansas4.To seek rural relaxation5.First Republican presidential candidate7.First national park8.Atlanta suburb12Mayor before Giuliani13Most populous city in China14Portuguese territory in the Mid-Atlantic16Turkmenistan dictator17An alternative means of funding public education19First female Supreme Court justice22A problem in Zimbabwe23Speaker of the House under Pres. Bush II25The state that gave us women’s suffrage26Netanyahu, for short

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