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Radar Crossword #4 — Summer Edition

Here’s a crossword puzzle to tide you over until we resume the publication of weekly crosswords in the Fall. Enjoy!

Across 3. The A in SAT 7. “It’s _____ in America, and under the leadership of President Reagan, our country is better, stronger, and prouder than ever before” (excerpt from a 1984 political ad filmed in 14 across) 9. Oklahomans, informally 10. Something unique about Radar 11. The first A in Radar 14. The Self-Proclaimed Poultry Capital of the World 15. Capital of Maryland 18. Nickname for Boeing 787 19. Josiah Bartlett’s nobel prize 22. County of Morgantown, WV 23. Celebrated on July 5th in Ancient Rome 25. Quod Erat ____ 27. Former military base in Iceland 28. Author of “Common Sense” 29. The Land of Enchantment

Down 1. Prominent COVID denialist 2. A controversial kind of immunity 4. WiFi alternative 5. You’ve probably forgotten that we invaded it 6. Where Joe Biden lives 8. Atlanta Journal-______ 12. The O.G. of the periodic table 13. Disputed region in Middle East 15. Recently deceased Latino literary figure 16. Zoom competitor 17. The Japanese Empire’s last stand 20. The capital of the Federated States of Micronesia 21. Home to an unpopular Hilton 24. Mountains near Pittsburgh 26. Legalese for “fire”

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