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Radar Rates the Best and Worst “Spooky Season” Foods

Welcome to another installment of Radar trying to embrace its inner Gordon Ramsey (aka another installment of Radar food reviews). This time, we’ve tried all sorts of pumpkin-flavored, Halloween themed foods so that next time “Spooky Season” rolls around you’ll know what to buy!

Here’s what we found: 

Pumpkin Flavored Rice Krispie Treats

Average Rating: (4/10) 

“Tastes like a pumpkin spice burp. Do not recommend it. First, you take a bite and it tastes like a regular Rice Krispie but then you taste the pumpkin and die a little inside.” (3/10) – Sonia

“Smells like pumpkin spice. Tastes like a plain Rice Krispie.” (3/10) – Unknown 

“Not bad but also not the taste of pumpkin pie. Normal Rice Krispies are better.” (5/10) – Kalia 

Pumpkin Donuts

Average Rating: (7.25/10) 

“A little too sticky and was not round enough.” (8/10) – Kai 

“Kinda nice with it. I wish it was harder and not so squishy though.” (8/10) – David Y 

“Not bad, good cinnamon taste. It tastes like pumpkin pie in a donut form.” (6/10) – Sonia S 

Safeway Off-brand Orange Oreo Cookies 

Average Rating: (7/10)

“Not a brand Oreo… tastes a bit off. Orange filling is a bit frightening.” (6/10) – El

“Oreos are always good and the neon orange gives it a nice pop of color.” (8/10) – Kalia 

“Oreo with a hint of culture.” (10/10) – Brant H 

Safeway Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Average Rating: (2/10) 

“Look, I love Safeway chocolate chip cookies. The pumpkin adds nothing! It’s vaguely pumpkin flavored but mostly bad nutmeg. All the points [I rated it] were from the fact that it’s a chocolate chip cookie.” (3/10) – Avi

“It is ATTACKING my taste buds…tastes like a bad cinnamon air freshener.” (1/10) – Sonia S 

 White Chunk Pumpkin Cookies 

Average Rating: (4/10) 

“Tastes like a banana Laffy Taffy… do what you will with that information.” (2/10) – Patrick 

“Pretty good, I like the white chunks” (8/10) – David Y

“Bad aftertaste. White chunks taste out of place.” (2/10) – Shreya M 

Pumpkin Flavored Marshmallows

Average Rating: (2/10) 

“Marshmallows should not have flavor other than chocolate. Do not recommend. Very sweet but not in a good way.” (3/10) – Sonia S 

“Very subtle flavor. Could have more pumpkin spice.” (2/10) – Unknown 

“They taste fine initially but develop a weird off- pumpkin taste the longer they’re in your mouth.” (3/10) – Kalia 

Franken Berry Cereal

Average Rating: (1/10) 

“Not much taste or flavor – weird aftertaste.” (3/10) – Unknown

“The fruitiness is really unnerving. Doesn’t taste in any way natural.” (3/10) – Sophie 

“Maybe I’ve had a few too many sweets but this is making me sick. Strawberry flavored cereal shouldn’t exist…honestly, nothing about it is exciting unless you’re counting the chemical pink color.” (0.5/10) – Sarah 

Boo Berry Cereal 

Average Rating: (3/10) 

“It looked gross and had a weird aftertaste. The name was creative.” (2.5/10) – Marie 

“Slightly better than the Franken Berry Cereal but still not very good.” (4/10) – Sophie 

“I don’t hate it but it reminds me too much of strawberry fluoride treatment at the dentist.” (5/10) – Avi 

Count Chocola Cereal

Average Rating: (7.5/10) 

“Just simple crunchy chocolate cereal. You really can’t go wrong. Could be spookier though…” (9/10) – Avi 

“Tastes like a Coco Puff, pretty good.” (9/10) – Patrick 

“They messed up chocolate cereal?” (4/10) – Sarah J 

Apple Pie with Cinnamon 

Average Rating: Uhh infinity? 

“Buttery Crust.” (8/10) – Megan

“It was really heckin’ good.” (lim x → ∞/ 10) – Patrick 

“Pretty good but tastes like apple sauce.” (7/10) – Ava

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