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Repping the Class of 2018

Photography by Lena Milton

(From right) Adam Z, Gemma N, David W, and Micalyn S. Photography by Lena Milton

College Prep’s freshmen voted in their first class election on September 9th for their Student Council and Community Action Team representatives.

David W. and Adam Z. are the newly elected Student Council representatives for this semester.

Both of them expressed their thoughts on College Prep. Adam enjoys the tight-knit community, and David likes College Prep’s schedule.  “I love having a long morning break and then a long lunch break,” says David. “It’s nice to have time to hang out with friends during school.” David is looking forward to participating in school fundraisers and events, and Adam says he looks forward to “simply being able to attend meetings, to have fun, and to represent.” Both of the freshman representatives have goals for student council this upcoming semester. “I would really like to try and get Jamba Juice to come for a StuCo fundraiser event at lunch on hot days,” says David.  “I also think it would be cool to do a raffle at dances to help encourage students to come.” “I really want to provide the freshman class’s input in StuCo meetings and to just be a helpful resource,” says Adam about his goals for student council. Outside of school, David likes to play basketball and to debate, and Adam enjoys photography and video games.

Freshman also voted for their Community Action Team representatives. This semester, Micalyn (Mikey) S. and Gemma N. are the freshman CAT representatives.As CAT representatives, both expressed their goals for the upcoming semester. “I want to get as much participation as possible in our fundraising and community service events,” says Gemma. “I love how dedicated everyone is and can’t wait to see that channeled into helping out the community. I want to be really effective in the upcoming events!” Micalyn says: “As a member of CAT, my goals are to be able to have every person on campus better a cause that’s important to her or him personally. I care a lot about enabling more women worldwide to have access to education, but I want to be able to help people tackle other issues that are as equally important to them. In the end, I want to have fun and get to know everyone while keeping our greater goals in mind!”

When asked about their favorite thing about College Prep so far, Micalyn responded: “I’ll admit this sounds really cheesy, but probably just how nice every single person has been to me. From the teachers to the students to the shuttle drivers, it’s noticeable really quickly just how kind this community is. Even if I have a bad day, which rarely happens here, everyone seems genuinely happy and open to have a good conversation.” “And I really like the inclusive community, especially how many opportunities there are to get involved,” adds Gemma. Both of them agree that the food sales are pretty awesome too!

Both Micalyn and Gemma have interesting hobbies aside from school. Micalyn enjoys “windsurfing, researching random world affairs, playing volleyball, and going on runs with friends.” Gemma is interested in sports, hanging out with friends, shopping, baking, hiking, and watching old movies.

David, Adam, Micalyn, and Gemma all look forward to a wonderful school year, and hope that everyone gets to know them better. A big thank-you to them for taking on the task of representing the Class of 2018!

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