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Senior Advice to Freshmen

Source: Richard Wheeler

Starting high school can be tough. Freshman are plunged into an environment with new teachers, new classmates and a heavier workload. But at a school as academically rigorous as College Prep, the transition is especially challenging. In order to help out the class of 2018, I asked my fellow seniors if they had any advice. Here’s what they said:

“Do not be afraid to get help. There really is nothing wrong with being tutored by a teacher outside of class because it shows the teacher your interest to improve in the subject and helps you stay on the same level with the rest of the class.”

“Don’t procrastinate. Seriously.”

“Be friendly and get to know all of your classmates!”

“I think the one piece of advice I’d give is to be present in the moment and really cherish their days as the freshmen embark on their high school journey. I remember being very serious and stressed out freshmen year, and while it’s important to stay focused, I felt like everything was rushed and blurred because I was always thinking ahead and never really stopped to enjoy the moment.”

“Don’t be the freshmen that squeal really loudly all through lunch and break. We don’t have earplugs.”

“The Rech Room is not the restroom! (It’s the US History classroom.)”

“Try a sport even if you think you might not like it because it’s better to start during freshman year when you have time.”

“Get involved in a club or a performing art or a sport. You make friends from different grades who have something automatically in common with you.”

“Don’t play Minecraft 5-7 hours a day. Believe it or not, it will not help you with academics.

“No matter what your classmates say, don’t pull all-nighters. They really hurt you more than they help; even if you get that essay done, the rest of your week is guaranteed to be thrown off.”

“Everyone struggles, but everyone survives.”

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