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Senior Snow Trip 2023 Recap!

The Senior Snow Trip began on Friday, February 3rd, to a moonlit wake-up and schlep to school. By 7 AM, the sleepy seniors boarded two crowded buses and headed to the snow-ridden Alpine County. In store for the highly anticipated weekend was a stay at Bear Valley Lodge accompanied by various winter activities, and a snowstorm heading their way. This trip provided our beloved senior class the chance to bond with one another before leaving CPS and heading to college. As is the goal with all retreats, Seniors could be with their peers outside the often dampening light of a classroom, deepening existing relationships, and forming new last-minute friendships.

Upon arrival, many bolted straight away to the slopes—skiing, snowboarding, and tubing (for those not a fan)—which continued throughout the trip. After a long day of snow activities, the anticipated trivia night began on Friday evening. Following a repeat of snow fun, a talent show began on Saturday evening, mostly comprised of various covers of students’ favorite songs. The night ended with a snowball fight in the rain, capping off the day with soaking-wet seniors and an experience they wouldn’t forget. While ridden with injuries, whether a broken arm or the ubiquitous bruises from falling over, the trip had to end with a ride home on Sunday morning (although many hoped for the storm to keep them just one more day in snowy paradise).

What was a well-planned ride home began a long, chaotic endeavor to make it back before the sun set. An incoming deluge of snow projected on Sunday morning delayed the buses' arrival for hours, pushing back the return time dramatically. Once the buses finally came, one got caught in the snow, stemming from a combination of being overweight and an improper placement of the tire chains. After using one of the buses to tow the other from the pile of snow it was sitting in, the seniors and the teacher chaperones were headed home, arriving five hours later than anticipated, but still, in one piece, just in time for the school day ahead of them.

Memorable moments were littered around the weekend as new connections were formed through the random encounters throughout the trip. Whether it was playing games after dinner, getting lost on the runs, or bonding while cozied up in chairs, the Snow Trip is sure to bring memories to the seniors’ quickly-ending last semester.

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