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Seniors of CPS: Aaron C.

Interview conducted by Sofia R.

11:57 a.m: It's a Thursday after advising when I meet Aaron in the courtyard for his interview. Melting the sun, we find refuge outside Ms. DeVane’s office, pulling out a bench from the table to sneak into the hard-to-find shade. Aaron, wearing a colorful, pop-art style graphic t-shirt with prints of the Mona Lisa and navy blue Nike Blazers, eagerly waits to start. I click record. Welcome Aaron. The interview has begun.

Sofia: What's something you're passionate about?

Aaron: Ooh. (both laugh) Can you be a little more specific?

Sofia: It could be anything! It could be like a hobby, or something you've done, maybe a class you've taken.

Aaron: Well, starting with a class I guess, I really like biology. Like, last year when I took biology class, I was a little skeptical at first because I always thought, physics and chemistry-, or I like physics and chemistry more. But after taking biology for a year, I realized that I really did like biology a lot more. And I like the structure of the class as well. So, yeah.

Sofia: Thanks! I guess we can move on to the next one. What's one of your favorite songs?

Aaron: Uhh. One of my favorite songs. Probably- (pause) I gotta think about this one. I forget the full name of the song Laugh Now? It's a Drake song.

(Upon further research, the song is called LAUGH NOW CRY LATER)

Sofia: Ok! What do you like about it?

Aaron: I don't know. I just like the way it sounds. Also, I think it’s spreading a pretty positive message, I guess.

Sofia: Cool! What's one item on your bucket list?

Aaron: Oof (laughs). One item on my bucket list is probably to go skydiving.

Sofia: Skydiving! Do you have a reason why?

Aaron: Well, I have like a mild fear of heights. So I want to, like, conquer that. So, skydiving seems cool.

Sofia: Yeah, cool. Okay, these are a little harder questions, I guess. How have you changed during your time at College Prep?

Aaron: This seems easier! (laughs) I think when I first came to College Prep, I didn't really know what I wanted to do. And as I've stayed at College Prep, I think I've really developed like, what things I'd like to study like in college. I want to study biology. And I have definitely also grown in terms of study habits, and like, my attitude towards grades. Like, I think I'm trying a lot harder now compared to when I was in freshman year at school, so yeah.

Sofia: Nice! Okay, last but not least, what is one of your favorite College Prep memories?

Aaron: My favorite College Prep memory is like, every semester during spirit week, the Friday of spirit week. I think it’s super exciting every time.

Sofia: Is there a certain part of the day?

Aaron: Lunch. Yeah, and just the general vibe. I guess from lunch, I think the energy carries towards the end of the day. And then yeah, I just really like that feeling of coming away from all the fun and then going to classes and it’s still carrying over in the energy and the attitudes of my classmates.

Sofia: Did it change at all being a senior?

Aaron: I think I'm a lot more relaxed about like, allowing myself to have a little more fun now that I'm a senior.


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