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Seniors of CPS: Alexandra K

Interview conducted by Sophia R.

11:37 a.m: It’s the end of lunch on a sunny Tuesday afternoon when Alexandra and I meet for the interview. Hamilton music blasting from the courtyard, we head to the bench by the admissions office, shaded by the pergola with vines protecting us from the bright sunlight. I click record. Welcome Alexandra. The interview has begun.

Sofia: So the first question is, what's something you're passionate about? 

Alexandra: I think I'm really passionate about languages, and like language acquisition. I really want to learn at least two more languages later in life, and then also just like the study of languages is a really big thing to me. 

Sofia: What languages do you already know?

Alexandra: I know French fluently, Russian fluently, English of course, and I know a little bit Spanish. 

Sofia: Woah! Well, what's one of your favorite songs?

Alexandra: Oh, wait that's such a difficult question. Say In a Manner of Speaking by, I think the band's called Nouvelle Vague or New Wave in French. 

Sofia: Okay, what's one item on your bucket list?

Alexandra: Hmm. See at least three of the six? Seven? Wonders of the World.

Sofia: Nice. Is there, like, three in particular? One that you really want to see?

Alexandra: I don't know. I don't think I have any particular ones in mind. I just think they're all very noteworthy, historically important. 

Sofia: How have you changed during your time at College Prep?

Alexandra: I think I've become a much more outwardly happy person. I was always very shy and reserved as an elementary school or middle schooler. I think like being in high school, and especially like COVID, kind of made me be more outspoken and confident in the way I speak. And like I said, outwardly happy. Like I try to say hi to all my teachers and my classmates. Yeah. 

Sofia: Nice. And then last one, what’s one of your favorite College Prep memories?

Alexandra: I would say sophomore retreat, the rafting, that was just so incredibly fun. I remember my rafting group had two of my friends in it. But of course everyone in my rafting group was great. We all had a great time. You know, people like flying out of the boats. (laughs) And then like wading in the water. We did it early in the fall, so it was really hot out and the water was really cool. I don't know, it was so much fun. 

Sofia: Nice! Okay, thank you. 


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