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Seniors of CPS: Ermie G. K.

Interview conducted by Sofia R. 

12:23 p.m: Mist is held in the air as Ermie waves at me, smiling, from in front of the Student Commons. We walk up to the picnic tables, remarking on our ordinary days. Ermie’s wearing a navy blue crew neck, pastel pink Converse high tops, her hair in a ponytail, and, of course, her thinly wired glasses. We sit down at a surprisingly dry table. I click record. Welcome Ermie. The interview has begun. 

Sofia: What’s something you're passionate about? 

Ermie: I'm pretty passionate about music. So, I sing. I've been singing for like 13-14 years. 

Sofia: Woah!

Ermie: Yeah. And I just, I don't know, I love it. I've been in a couple of choirs, and I taught myself how to play the piano. But I don't know, it just brings me so much joy. 

Sofia: What’s your favorite type of music?

Ermie: It’s taken me a while to like, find the genre that I really like. But it's like, R&B mixed with soul. And it's kind of not the super popular R&B. But it's a little undercover, and I really love it.

Sofia: I guess a perfectly formulated next question. What's one of your favorite songs? 

Ermie: Ooh, okay. There's this song. It's called Into Orbit by Alex Isley, I think, and it's just really pretty in the harmonies like, it makes my brain happy. 

Sofia: Okay, what's one item on your bucket list? (pause) Like a vacation plan or like a hobby you want to pursue.

Ermie: Well, I would love to travel more. Yeah, I've always wanted to go to Europe, and like to Spain. Yeah. 

Sofia: So like the food or like-?


Ermie: Oh yes, the food, and I speak Spanish and so I mean, it'd be great for you know, getting to know the language more, and the culture, and the art, and the music, and just all of it. It seems like such a wonderful place to play. 

Sofia: Yeah, that's awesome. Okay, how have you changed during your time at College Prep? Very different question (laughs). 

Ermie: I think I've definitely become more confident and more outgoing. I used to be super duper shy, and I still am, and I don't like talking, and like in front of lots of people. But like, I've gotten better at like, going up to strangers, and like having conversation (both laugh). And, I don't know, I'm just more confident in myself and like my work at school, and I'm like oh, no, I'm gonna mess this up, and yeah!

Sofia: Yeah. Awesome. Okay, last one. What's one of your favorite College Prep memories? 

Ermie: I don't think I can think of a specific one. But I guess I really love hanging out in the Student Commons with all my friends. Because it's- there's so much noise and it's loud. Sometimes too loud. But I don't know, all the laughter and people talking, and it's just so different from like, the first two years when we were on Zoom. Yeah, so it just makes me happy to be surrounded by all the people. 

Sofia: Yeah, that definitely counts. Thank you so much.


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