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Seniors of CPS: Jai C.

Interview conducted by Samana S.

October 17th, 2:35 pm. It’s a hot Tuesday afternoon on campus and students have pulled most of the wooden benches into the shade. Despite the early dismissal, the campus still buzzes with students’ chatter as we sit down outside the auditorium. I click record. Welcome Jai. The interview has begun.

Samana: Okay, first question. What's something you're passionate about?

Jai: Okay, getting into the heavy questions first. Something I'm passionate about… Biology for sure. Mol Gen is my favorite class right now. So that's definitely something I'm very into at this current moment.

Jai: Running. I love to run. Been doing track for years. So yeah, running and biology. Top two.

Samana: What's one of your favorite songs?

Jai: Favorite songs?

Samana: Yeah.

Jai: It's hard to pick you know?

Samana: Yeah.

Jai: Right now I'm pretty into Dominic Fike. Yeah, Dominic Fike. Do you know Dominic Fike?

Samana: No, sorry, I don’t.

Jai: That’s all good. He has a song called “Think Fast” by Weezer too. I've been playing it a lot.

Samana: Okay. What is one item on your bucket list?

Jai: One item on my bucket list... Definitely attend a concert. I've never been to a concert before. I feel like that’s a pretty low bar. I should probably say… a Dominic Fike concert then. I've heard he's a very good live performer.

Samana: How have you changed during your time at College Prep?

Jai: Good question. These are some reflective questions.

Jai: (laughs) Okay. I think… Number one, I would say I've become more serious about learning in general, rather than you know, taking a class to get a grade. I think I've become a bit more focused and changed my priorities a bit you know?

Jai: I think my sleep schedule has changed a lot. That’s a big one.

Samana: Has it gotten better…?

Jai: No- no.

Samana: Yeah, okay.

Jai: 100% worse, but sleep schedule for sure. I would like to say I've become more confident, but I don’t know.

Samana: And lastly, what's one of your favorite College Prep memories? Or a few.

Jai: Good question. One of my favorite memories is probably Junior Retreat. And- have you- you haven’t been on Junior Retreat right?

Samana: No not yet.

Jai: Okay. I'll talk about Sophomore [Retreat]. So we were rafting on the river. And I think they do this every year- but our tour guide- there was this big rock coming up on the river. And I remember he just started speeding up and then before I knew it, we went right up the rock and then came right back down. Oh, when we were heading closer I was like, woah what’s happening right now? And then it was surprising and really fun. That was something I’ll remember. Yeah, sorry, that wasn't the best description but take my word for it. It was really fun.

Samana: Okay, that's all we have. Yeah, thank you!

Jai: Thanks for the interview.


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