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Seniors of CPS: Julian B.

Interview conducted by Samana S.

Thursday, October 12th, 9:48 am. Barbie Day. Julian finds me at a table on the gym deck, digging through yellow and gold Spirit Week decorations. We sit down at a table which isn’t covered in streamers. I hit record. Welcome Julian, the interview has begun.

Samana: Hi. Thank you for coming in. How's your day been?

Julian: Pretty good. How’s yours been?

Samana: Oh it's also been pretty good, hectic, but yeah. Thanks. Okay, first question, what's something you're passionate about?

Julian: I think one thing I'm passionate about is Arc Browser. It's an alternative to Chrome. And I think it's pretty useful and everyone should use it.

Samana: Okay, why is it- how is it different from Chrome?

Julian: It has a lot of better tab management features. It's yeah, and it's also very playful. Like, I think it's very fun to use. You can choose your colors, you can choose different gradients. I think it's very personalizable, which I think is good, because a lot of websites look the same, and kind of boring, but Arc Browser is not boring.

Samana: Yeah, that's good. Okay. What's one of your favorite songs?

Julian: Um, that's a hard one. I'd say. Maybe, “Gleam” by Sevish.

Samana: And what's one item on your bucket list?

Julian: My bucket list... Probably going to Australia? I want to go to Australia and see the big insects.

Samana: Woah, yeah, that's what I don't want to go to Australia, but that's still very good for you. Okay. How have you changed during your time at college prep?

Julian: I think I've definitely gotten older.

Samana: (laughs) Yeah, that's good.

Julian: Yeah, I feel like I've become more open to talking to new people, I guess. That's one thing.

Samana: What's one of your favorite memories at CPS?

Julian: One of my favorite memories... I think one of them is from track when I was at a meet and they had this event- it was supposed to be at the start of the meet and then I checked in like for three hours. I always ran over to the other side of the court there and there's a bunch of CPS people just hanging out there and waiting for that event happen. And that was kind of fun to just wait and just talk about stuff.

Samana: Yeah... And that's actually it!

Julian: Oh, wow. Cool!

Samana: Yeah, thank you!


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