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Seniors of CPS: Maxime C.

Interview conducted by William C.

It’s a pleasant Thursday afternoon but a little on the hot side. I spy Maxime by the student commons and we talk by the history office. Second semester senior year is apparently even more fun than I thought. I click record and we begin.

William: What’s something you’re passionate about?

Maxime: Something I’m passionate about, definitely cheese. We had these little like plates where they wrote, No one can blank like blank for every senior. And mine was no one likes apres, which is my favorite cheese, like Maxime. So I love cheese. I’m very passionate about it. There’s a lot of good cheeses. Recently my grandmother was here or she still is and she brought us my probably all time favorite cheese because I can’t get it here. It’s called epoisses and it’s this, it’s like this creamy cow’s milk cheese. That’s just wonderful. I love it. And we only have one so it’s almost done. But you know.

William: Are you interested in cheese making?

Maxime: Yes, that’s my retirement plan right there. I’m gonna be in the Alps making cheese on the side, vibing, really like Airbnbs or something.

William: So would you raise cows, sheep, goats or some other livestock?

Maxime: No. So I would get the milk and then— (DSong walks by)

Maxime: —I voted for Cheerios. Yeah, so I don’t think I would have my own cows or sheep because that’s a lot. I would rather get it from a farmer that’s near me and then like, make the cheese and then pay them in cheese. Yeah.

William: Wow, that sounds really fun. I hope to join you on your cheese making endeavors someday. And what's one of your favorite songs?

Maxime: That’s a good question. I’ve been listening— I can tell you an album and then songs in it that I really like. Recently, I was actually listening to this with my brother in the car when I was driving him back from soccer practice yesterday but Savage Mode II, 21 Savage and Metro Boomin, wonderful album. There’s one song that I don’t like in there and I forget the name now, but it’s bad. If I heard it, I would know. And I like “Runnin,” I like, what’s the other song. Shoot, I’m blanking. I feel like I need to look this up. You can cut this.

(Looks up song)

Maxime: Okay. “Snitches and Rats.” It’s bad, because it goes after this really good like interlude where Morgan Freeman is talking in a really satisfying voice and then they go into a shitty song. So that’s the only bad one, but “Glock in My Lap” and “Runnin” are my two favorites. Yeah, there you go.

William: And what’s your hype song?

Maxime: My hype song? People are gonna hate on me for this, but it’s a DaBaby song, it’s called “Rock Star.” And it’s more like when I’m already hyped. I listen to it because it makes me really hyped. I don’t work out to it because I feel like if I’m not in the mood, then it ruins the song for me. I feel like I have really positive connotations, that song. So yeah.

William: That’s fascinating! Now, what’s one item on your bucket list besides cheese making!

Maxime: Probably… Well okay, I’ll give you a realistic one and then a nonrealistic one. I would love to be able to just fly for a day. To be able to fly, that would be so cool. In terms of a realistic one, I really want to, maybe go skydiving. That would be fun. I feel like I would be really scared of like jumping out but then I will be like, you know, it’s going to be fun

William: If you could fly, where would you fly to or over?

Maxime: Yeah, flying over. I feel like I wouldn’t want to fly anywhere. It would just be like flying in a plane. I think it would be cool to fly in a mountain range. Because you could like fly next to mountains and then like, go past them.

William: Could you change how fast you fly?

Maxime: 100 percent. If I’m going really fast, I’m going woooo, and then like slowing down. I feel like it would be nice also not to be able to die. That way I could like experiment and hit the mountain every once in a while and be fine.

William: Interesting! Now we’re gonna get into the sentimental stuff. How have you changed during your time at College Prep?

Maxime: That’s a good question. I feel like I’ve become more inwardly confident. I still like have a lot of insecurities around like being– I don’t know, just like my interactions with people, especially one on one interactions. I feel like I can be kind of like boring or like dry in one on one interactions. And like people have told me like, you know, they’re like when I’ve told people, they’re like, oh, that’s not true, but like, I don’t know, I still feel, I still feel that insecurity which is weird. But beyond that, I feel like I’ve gotten much more confident, like I try and project confidence outwardly. But that’s kind of filled in inwardly throughout my time at college prep, like I feel more confident inside, when before, I didn’t feel as confident. So yeah.

William: Thank you so much for that reflection! And our final question is, what’s one of your favorite CPS memories?

Maxime: That’s a good question. Okay, so I have to go with a very core memory for all my friends. Can I give you multiple?

William : Sure.

Maxime: This is the one of two and I won’t be able to think of the second one probably, but I just wanted to reserve a spot in case I think of another one. So we were on sophomore retreat, and like no one really knew each other because it was COVID right after that. And Jayk had a guitar. And he was like singing and we were all just like around in a circle like swaying to the singing. We were like singing along and it was during the like at night and stuff. It was just so like it was amazing. It was like a very memorable moment. I don’t know how to describe it. But it was like, you know. Yeah, it’s sad because some of the people in our friend group now like didn’t experience that. But yeah, apart from that, just like being with friends. I love cooking with my friends. Yeah.

William: Thank you so much for your inputs!

Maxime: Thank you so much for doing the interview. I know it’s probably gonna be a pain to cut.

William: Oh, no, no. I’ll probably keep maybe 98% of this.

Maxime: You can cut it, I will not be offended if you cut a lot of it.

William: We’re supposed to maintain (air quotes) “journalistic integrity” so no.

Maxime: I see, I see. Okay, that’s good to hear. Yeah, thank you so much for the interview. (William reaches out to shake hands). Um, my hands are sweaty.

William: Eh, it doesn’t matter. (Shakes hands)

Maxime: Okay, there we go.


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