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Seniors of CPS: Mollie A.

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Interview conducted by Sofia R.

11:55 am: It’s a Thursday, and the courtyard is flooded with seniors grabbing iconic bright red tank tops. Chaotic “organization” takes place around the big cardboard boxes as each senior tries to grab the shirt with their name on it, and I find Mollie, holding her shirt with “Apple”. We walk up towards the Scott building on a notably warm day, and even though it’s October, it feels more like summer. The sun shines in our eyes where we sit down initially, so we relocate to the picnic tables near the top of campus. I click record. Welcome Mollie. The interview has begun.

(Mollie nervously laughs and fidgets as we have a brief conversation about taking a long time to respond to questions)

Sofia: What is something you're passionate about?

Mollie: I'm pretty passionate about swimming. I mean, I go to practice every day. I'm a part of club swimming, but I feel like a lot of people know that about me. So, I'm also passionate about baking. I bake most weekends. My favorite thing to bake or lemon bars, and that's also one of my favorite desserts.

Sofia: I really like to bake too! Is there a significance to lemon bars?

Mollie: I like the sour and sweet combo.

Sofia: What's one of your favorite songs?

Mollie: Um, I'm really into Noah Kahan lately, so I like any of his songs, but my favorite is probably You’re Gonna Go Far.

Sofia: I don't know him!

Mollie: (laughs) You should listen to him. He's very good.

Sofia: Okay, well what's one item on your bucket list?

Mollie: Probably having a picnic in a hot air balloon. I just saw a photo of hot air balloons the other day, so that's been on my mind. I'm kind of scared of heights. But, I think it would be cool. If I don't totally have a panic attack. (laughs)

Sofia: Are you alone on this picnic?

Mollie: No, no, no, I would want to go with like friends or something.

Sofia: Okay. That's cool. Like a sunset?

Mollie: Oh yeah. Sunset. Somewhere with a pretty landscape.

Sofia: Yeah. How have you changed during your time at College Prep?

Mollie: Hmm. I feel like I've gotten more self-confident. Starting high school, I was kind of shy-ish, or just like caring about what people think of me. But through high school, I've like grown more self-confident. And I care less about other people's judgments. Yeah, also, just like at College Prep I've gotten to explore my passions a little bit more and figure out what I'm interested in, and the people I relate to. But yeah, just exploring who I am. And my identity.

Sofia: Yeah, that's awesome. Okay, last question. What's one of your favorite College Prep memories?

Mollie: I'd say junior year the junior year retreat we do that like speed dating activity where you talk to like one person or everyone in the grade for like a short amount of time. Because I don't think before junior year I had talked to everyone in the grade. So it was cool, having the chance to actually kind of talk to everyone. And yeah, it was just a fun activity.

Sofia: Is there anything you'd learned about anyone that like, you still remember?

Mollie: A specific person, no, because it was mostly compliments that you give to another person. So I don't know. I just learned that a lot of people in our grade are pretty funny. And I enjoy talking to them. So that made me want to talk to them more in other settings.

Sofia: Thank you!

Mollie: How did I do?


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