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Seniors of CPS: Sean Alster

Interview conducted by Samana S. '26

Thursday, September 28th, 8:23 am. The day started off chilly and overcast, but is slowly beginning to warm up. Sean and I sit on a bench outside the auditorium as groups of students in the courtyard disperse and head off to their first classes. I click record. The interview has begun.

Samana: Okay, welcome. How are you doing?

Sean: Good, good.

Samana: Okay, that's good. First question. What is something that you're passionate about?

Samana: It could be like a hobby, a certain class or topic. Or just something you enjoy doing.

Sean: Yeah, nowadays I'm watching a lot of tennis as sort of a break from school and the schoolwork. It's nice to like take some time off and enjoy something outside of the Bay Area communities. I’ve been doing that a lot. I also teach on the weekends.

Samana: You teach tennis?

Sean: Yeah, tennis.

Samana: Oh cool. Okay. What's one of your favorite songs?

Sean: Songs? I don't listen to that much. I’m not a big music guy. I know that’s sort of weird.

Samana: It’s okay-

Bell rings loudly.

Samana: -me neither. I was worried that people would choose certain songs and I wouldn't know what they were talking about. I also don't listen to that much. Okay, what's one item on your bucket list?

Sean: Right now, I really want to go to Southeast Asia. Okay. That's one thing to do. But that's sort of more of a long term thing. Bucket list item in the short term… I’d like to go more hikes maybe. I feel like I haven't been getting outside that much these days.

Samana: Yeah. Now for the more self reflection sentimental type questions. How have you changed during your time at College Prep?

Sean: I would definitely say I’m more responsible now. I think that's sort of a necessity to make it through all four years of College Prep- time management and organization. I was looking back at some of my old notes the other day and now my notes are all color coded. A few years ago, I couldn't say the same. I think I’ve matured in that way. And I actually just think that College Prep is good at teaching students to prioritize their independence and learning how to be a citizen of the community around us.

Samana: Okay, what's one of your favorite College Prep memories?

Sean: Maybe sophomore retreat, rafting. That was one of my favorites. Especially because I was one of the only people that were trying not to go in the water, and people were trying to pull me in. Yeah, and there's just so many times- like casual lunches with my friends in the courtyard. I think all those memories will stay with me.

Samana: Yeah that's nice. And that's all the questions we have!

Sean: Oh, really?

Samana: Yeah. Thank you for coming in.

Sean: Thank you.

Samana: Thanks.


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